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‘Suno’ is a subtle take on the thin line between violently abusing and subtly exploiting

The film brings out the very important face of abuse which is nothing that you would expect it to be.

There are villains who willfully take their course of action with the fatal intention of causing harm and there are victims who fall prey to the villain’s intended actions. While the former resides on the giving end and the latter is pushed to the receiving end, the only line of similarity between the two is their awareness of what state they are in. The villain is well aware that whatever action he/she is about to take will evidently hurt the person who is on the receiving end. Similarly, the victim is aware of the helpless nature of his/her state where they are subjected to villainy and hence, find a way to avenge the wrong deeds done to them. However, in the case of Subham Yogi’s short film, ‘Suno’, neither the victim nor the villain is aware of what state they are in.

The film, based on a short story by Aseem Kaul and released on YouTube through the channel Terribly Tiny Tales, follows a well-to-do couple, played by Amrita Puri and Sumeet Vyas, who in the beginning discuss about a visible injury on the wife’s face. While the husband casually passes out the mark on her face as an accident, the wife’s face tells a whole different story. She is at first bothered to have a huge scar on her face and then confused about the state of the whole situation. Considering her husband’s words it was a mere kink gone very wrong, it all appears to be just a mistake, but the gaze of the world made her conscious about the intensity of that mistake. She is soon invited at a support group with other women who share their experiences about domestic violence, and later on we hear her confessing to her husband that she agreed upon the fact he beat her.