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Ratings: 3.5/5

Director: Saurabh Pandey

Producers: Naven Kumar Sharma, Manish Mishra, Meenakshi Pandey, Abhinandan Patidar

Genre: Short Film

Duration: 9 min 10 sec

Release Date: 25th July, 2019

Streaming Platform: MX Player

Cast: Sonu Nigam, R.K. Gaurav, Shalini Sahay, Shweta Rohira


The story revolves around the emotional struggle of an acid attack victim, Aditi, and her husband, Varun. While on one hand, Aditi tries to let go of the past and face the ugly reality, her husband Varun tries to bring comfort and help her come to terms with the change in her appearance. Somewhere deep down inside Varun is also filled with angst for the man who has turned their lives upside down.


The film traces the indomitable spirit of an acid attack survivor. The story revolves around a young couple who battle circumstances to come to terms with this incident that shook their world.

Spotless’ is an important film because of its sensitive portrayal of a very important issue which unfortunately we as a country still grapple with regularly. We want people to realise what an acid attack can do to a person physically and mentally, so as to hinder anyone who even thinks of attempting this. If this movie can, in any which way, make a difference for the better, I think we’d have achieved our goal,” said Sonu Nigam.

The storyline highlights the how love can be prove to be miraculous in healing all kinds of scars and how we need to be sensitive and considerate enough to understand the social stigma attached to the sufferings of the acid attack victims and stop discrimination towards them.

The film transforms into a nightmare- that can easily be the story of any woman in India. The story also throws light on factors like family support and strong will, which are imperative in such unfortunate situations.

Saurabh M Pandey’s direction, writing and direction provide way for all emotional outlets to the cast especially the victim. It carves out a revenge tale, which is the dramatic point of the film. The song at the end of the film is worth clapping for.

‘Spotless’ had earlier travelled to film festivals like CKF International Film Festival, International Short Film Festival of India and Buddha International Film Festival.