Space of Joy Collaborates with Renowned Calligraphist Achyut Palav with New Wall Coverings and wall Art Collection 'Power and Peace'

Space of Joy Collaborates with Renowned Calligraphist Achyut Palav with New Wall Coverings and wall Art Collection 'Power and Peace'

Mumbai, India: Space of Joy is delighted to introduce Power and Peace - the inaugural collection of wall coverings and wall art in their Masters' Range. Created in collaboration with acclaimed calligraphy artist Achyut Palav, this collection holds great significance, especially as it coincides with the week of the International Day of Family on May 19th. The collection is designed to celebrate the power and peace that can be found through unity, with a particular focus on the importance of family.

According to Achyut Palav, "Power and Peace are strong concepts. One common factor in both is Unity. I equate all the three with a family. It is the name of that deep bond, that strong tie which truly personifies the meaning of these words. The strength and courage one derives from the support and love of his / her family is the inspiration behind my calligraphic compositions in the recent collection titled ‘Power and Peace’ created exclusively for Space of Joy.”

He adds, “The world is facing many adversities and as we face them, the perplexity around the search of the meaning and purpose of our existence intensifies. In the excess of materialistic pleasures, it is our family that is our oasis of true love and custodian of all things pure. Our loved ones are those who bring true warmth and solace to a home. This collection represents all these emotions, and the designs stimulate peace and harmony. They energize the space and are a gift to your home."

Neha Jain, Founder-Partner, Space of Joy agrees. She is excited to see the work of over a year coming to life. “Achyut Palav is an artist par excellence. We offer wall coverings, and we often see that most companies offer similar kinds of designs or are plainly, unimaginative. With the idea to be a platform for artists of all forms and from all walks, we thought that the calligraphy form of art and especially, from Achyut Palav, will be ground-breaking. Importantly, the significance of the collection is special for us, and hence it is for families. Each design is a unique addition to homes,” she says.

In a nutshell, 'Power and Peace' collection is a celebration of the strength that can be found in togetherness. It aims to inspire people to reflect on the importance of family and community, and to celebrate the ways in which we can come together to create a better world.

The 'Power and Peace' collection is available for purchase from