WhatsApp ventures into personalized AI avatars with new feature development

WhatsApp ventures into personalized AI avatars with new feature development
Image source: Google

Washington, US: WhatsApp is in the process of developing a new feature that will enable users to create personalised AI avatars of themselves, capable of being placed in various virtual settings.

According to The Verge, the feature discovered in the WhatsApp Beta for Android version harnesses a combination of user-provided images, text prompts, and Meta's AI Llama model to generate these custom avatars.

According to the screenshots captured by The Verge, users will have the ability to envision themselves "in any setting, from the forest to outer space."

The generated images are reportedly reminiscent of those produced by popular AI generators like Lensa AI or Snapchat's "Dreams" selfie feature.

To generate these personalised avatars, WhatsApp users will initially need to submit photographs of themselves, which will serve as reference images for Meta AI.

Subsequently, users can create their avatars by typing commands such as "Imagine me" followed by a description of the desired setting in Meta AI chat or by using "@Meta AI imagine me..." in other WhatsApp conversations.

This feature is expected to be optional and will require users to manually enable it in WhatsApp settings.

Furthermore, users will have the flexibility to delete the reference images stored in Meta AI settings at any time, ensuring privacy and control over personal data.

Despite its innovative potential, there is no specific timeline for the general availability of this new AI avatar feature. WhatsApp continues to roll out support for its Meta AI chatbot and real-time AI image generation capabilities, particularly in the United States.

Therefore, the launch of the AI avatar feature may be subject to gradual deployment as WhatsApp and Meta navigate the complexities associated with generative AI tools, according to The Verge.

Given previous challenges with generative AI technologies, Meta appears to be adopting a cautious approach to ensure the functionality and security of this upcoming feature.

As development progresses, WhatsApp users can anticipate a new dimension of personalisation and creativity in their messaging experience, facilitated by advanced AI capabilities.