Unveiling of Ran Mor’s LifeArt

Unveiling of Ran Mor’s LifeArt
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1. Unveiling of Ran Mor’s LifeArt

With the massive success of LifeArt overseas, Ran Mor, founder of Life Art introduces India & Bollywood to a one-of-a-kind platform/application that allows users to create and deploy custom profiles with a vision to provide unlimited support for creators by bringing together artists, groups, and organizations and by helping them showcase their work, promote their creative ideas, share their artist statements, and sell their winning ideas to an amazing and supportive global audience via user-friendly LifeArt platform.

During its 7 years of existence, LifeArt is proud to have built a strong global community of creators, governments, institutions, companies, art lovers, music fans, and audiences from around the globe. The platform provides festivals, marketplace, forums, exhibitions, events along with Awards and competitions that offer a unique platform for artists to showcase, promote and sell their winning ideas.  

LifeArt Festival celebrates Life, Art & Films with unique events. Hosted in world-class venues, the Festival offers a compelling combination of the international art scene and a journey of film discovery. LifeArt Studio is a premier motion picture and television production company specializing in finance, development, and production. LifeArt Forum is an International Forum organized by the LifeArt Festival bringing together humanitarian panels, films, music, art, and events. LifeArt Exhibitions: Creates a platform for visual artists to connect with international artists in the fields of new media, music, and technology by showcasing innovative projects around the world, LifeArt Publishing: Music Albums, Songs, Soundtracks, Books, Scripts & Intelligent property. LifeArt Foundation: Ultimate aim is to inspire and promote Global Media makers offering them a canvas for freedom of expression and the tools to build the future of Media.

Stalwarts like Ariel Vromen, film director of “The Iceman” Michael Shannon "Criminal" (Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds); Stefanie Roos  (Creative Director, Choreographer) Madonna, Prince, Ricky Martin, Rihanna, Whitney Houston, Britny Spears, Usher and Spice Girls at the London Olympics; Omar Faruk Tekbilek world-famous SUFI musician, A Turkish musician, and composer, who plays a wide range of wind, string, percussion, and electronic instruments; Juliette Ménager International Casting Director, one of the leading casting studios worldwide. located in the heart of Paris; Joule Studio plays a significant part in the casting of talents for major films, TV series, and advertising campaigns & Tommy Calvert, San Antonio Commissioner, Texas, USA have expressed their interest in Bollywood and its artists.