Fashion Tips: What to wear on Holi this year

Fashion Tips: What to wear on Holi this year

Holi, the festival of colours, is considered as the standout amongst the most venerated and commended celebrations of India. It is an occasion, where, everyone gets a chance to get-together, smears  each other with ‘gulaal’ and share good moments. And since this joyful festive of the season is coming in, it is very essential that one dresses in comfortable yet fashionable clothes to enjoy the spirit of the festival. However, getting ready for this occasion is quite a tough task, and people, especially women, take a lot of time to decide their outfit.

So, to solve this problem, Apeksha Sandesh has reached out to few renowned fashion designers, where, they have shared few interesting tips and tricks for dressing stylishly yet comfortably. 

Wearing white might be a necessary look for Holi. According to Costume Designer Kashmira Shah, one should always wear something in white, as it is much more elegant, and the colour thrown upon, will come out prominently. But, designer Lovleen Bains has a different take on it. She doesn’t feel white to be a necessity though it’s a very good option. “Well, I think it is not necessary. People do wear white because of the various colours that come on and we have always seen people wear white from the very beginning. For me, it’s just like an idea as a plain and pure canvas, which is ready for some lively colours, and this is fun”. As per the designers, white has been the traditional look for this festival. Designer Huraikh Verma’s favourite colour has always been white. In his opinion, one can wear white with embroidery, which will give a stylish look. But, it’s up to the person which colour he or she wants to choose.

We all know, that, looking stylish and classy is as important as deciding the colour of the clothes, especially for women. One should wear natural fabrics so that  he/she can be comfortable and it’s eco-friendly as well. Style also depends on the type of clothe he/ she is wearing. It must be is fitted and trendy. According to some designers, loose ‘kurtas’ with ‘churidaars’ can make the look elegant and sassy. Huraikh Verma thinks keeping the look simple is important. “Simplicity is the most beautiful thing. So, I suggest not to opt for much of stylish outfit. Wear something which is comfortable, and pair it with your favourite accessories and light makeup” he added.

Cotton is, undoubtedly, the best fabric for this season. Designer Lovleen Bains said that she normally wears white cotton Kurta, which she pairs with ‘bandhani dupatta’ or any other colourful ‘dupatta’ that goes with her ‘kurta’. One can also opt for linen, denim or chiffon. But cotton will keep the body cool irrespective of how harsh the Sun is, especially, with the late Holi this year around. One can wear a comfortable, loose and vibrant coloured cotton fabric, that will preferably stay in fashion and comfortable. Even if one is drenched with waters, his/her clothes won’t sag.

Be it Holi or any other occasion, one should always wear, what he or she is comfortable in. the colour contrast of the attire is also important along with the hair style and skin. But it is better to start using natural colours and eco-friendly things as these won’t affect anyone’s health, skin or hair.

So this Holi, enjoy yourself in the colours of joy with your near and dear ones, and do stay connected with our website for more such news. Wishing you a very colourful and joyous Holi!