Newly Launched Plant-Based Skincare Line Addresses the Effects of COVID-19 on the Skin

Newly Launched Plant-Based Skincare Line Addresses the Effects of COVID-19 on the Skin

CHICAGO: COVID-19 was and still is a major global issue. A year later, over 125 million people died from this disease, and we as a people still are working on how to deal and cope with COVID-19 and how it effects the body and skin. This global pandemic has brought a lot of awareness on eating correctly, exercising, and skincare. Unfortunately, everyone is forced to wear masks, some longer than others, constant handwashing or using alcohol-based sanitizers, cleaning products, and God knows what else is used to ensure we stay safe. But the reality is all of these health-saving precautions are also attacking the skin. This pandemic is another pandemic on the body and skin and most people don't even know it. But what is being done about it? When Natural Radiant Life was established in 2020, the owners, Rhonda Daniels, LaKesha Gage-Woodard and Sherry D. Fields, decided to have a skincare product line that was a "Healing" mechanism for the skin.

The NRL product line includes anti-aging, cleansing, moisturizing, treatment and body products for people seeking skincare regimens derived from the earth's healing properties. Healing was important and prior to launching, the partners invested in marketing research, which revealed a growing number of consumers would need more nature-based skincare and body care products to provide relief during the ever-increasing global crisis.

"Our greater purpose was "pandemic sparked" as a result of the constant wearing of masks, gloves, shields, and washing and sanitizing hands," LaKesha Gage-Woodard, chief marketing officer said. "Those precautionary practices have and continue to contribute to more facial breakouts, skin dryness, moisture-starvation and cracked skin than ever before. NRL products uniquely solve these challenges and meet the needs of consumers battling oiliness, uneven skin tone, and texture, as well as hyperpigmentation."

NRL products impact people's health and beauty, with all skin types and tones, from the outside in. The clean, pure and easily absorbed formulations promote a good feeling by knowing what you're putting on your skin is being absorbed into your bloodstream. People understand the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables as part of a regular, healthy diet. NRL products allow you to now have these same fruits and vegetables as a core part of your skincare regimen.

"Each one of our products starts with whole foods as active ingredients, and that allows us to develop skincare solutions that work," Rhonda Daniels, chief executive officer, said. "Our winning formulations have our customers raving!

Daniels, Gage-Woodard and Fields somehow knew majoring in business and communications would help them build successful careers; however, they never realized their lives would form amazing synergies and a life-long friendship that would result in entrepreneurship.