The Priest

The Priest
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Ratings: 3/5

Duration: 02 Hrs 20 Mins

Language: Malayalam

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Director: Jofin T. Chacko

Writer:  Jofin T. Chacko, Shyam Menon, Deepu Pradeep

Producers: V.N. Babu, Anto Joseph, B. Unnikrishnan

Music: Rahul Raj

Cinematography: Akhil George  

Editing: Shameer Muhammed

Art Direction: Sujith Raghav

Release Date: 11 March 2021 (India)

Released In: Theatres

Star Cast: Mammootty, Nikhila Vimal, Manju Warrier, Monica, Venkitesh V.P., Sivadas Kannur, Saniya Iyappan, T.G. Ravi, Shivaji Guruvayoor, Ramesh Pisharody, Jagadish, Ameya Mathew, Meera Nair, Lishoy, Dinesh Panicker, Manoj Chennai, Kalabhavan Haneef, Jack, Jayadevan, Jeeva Joseph, Thomas Kuriakose, Madhupal, Arjun Nandakumar, V.K. Prakash, Kochu Preman, Jitin Puthanchery, Shiny T. Rajan, Naseer Sankranthy, Sohan Seenulal, Sminu Sijo, Sinto, Tony

Plot: Fr Benedict (Mammootty), a priest, who is leading an independent life after quitting the priesthood, is known to have helped the police in multiple cases. Therefore, Diya Alex Alatt (Saniya Iyappan) approaches him regarding a series of deaths that had occurred earlier in a rich and influential family, which were dismissed as suicides. During this investigation, he meets Ameya Gabrielle (Baby Monica), an orphaned child, who often goes missing from her orphanage, and comes back by herself. Her actions are also nothing less than what others consider to be strange. How Fr Benedict solves the mysteries forms the crux of The Priest.

Review: ‘The Priest’ finally hits the theatres which was initially supposed to release in August 2020, but was delayed due to the on-going pandemic.

The debut director Jofin T Chacko has handled the subject that belongs to one of the trickiest genres, with ease and conviction. He along with scriptwriters Shyam Menon and Deepu Pradeep has delivered a riveting movie experience that will stay with the audiences for long, as the storytelling demands the participation of viewers and compels them to think.

The biggest plus point of the film is that the movie emerges as a wholesome horror experience beyond just jump scares. Even though there are some moments where the plot seemed to lose its grip, it was back on track at the next moment. Moreover, the characters with the least screen time make a mark in the narrative.

Mammootty succeeds in maintaining the mysterious aura around his character with his sheer brilliance in voice modulation and mannerisms. Manju Warrier too makes a mark in the brief role with her intense performance.

Baby Monica, the child actor would give you goosebumps at some of the most critical portions with her amazing acting skills. She has outshined all her co-stars, by playing Ameya to near perfection (special applause to voice artist Nileena Aneesh).

Even the rest of the star cast, including Nikhila Vimal, Venkitesh, TG Ravi, Ramesh Pisharody, Jagadish, Dinesh Panicker, and so on have perfectly played their parts.

The brilliant visualization by cinematographer Akhil George makes the film the perfect big-screen experience. Shameer Muhammed has done a decent job with the editing, except for a few scenes that fell into a slow pace.

However, the music composed by Rahul Raj is unarguably the biggest plus point of the film. While soulful songs perfectly sink in with the narrative, it is the brilliant background score that acts as the backbone of this horror-mystery thriller.

Overall, ‘The Priest’ is a riveting mystery thriller that stays true to its genre. The excellent performances, writing, and music make this film one of the finest horror experiences Malayalam cinema has ever provided!