Carbon Pollution Everyone needs to be aware and proactive

Carbon Pollution Everyone needs to be aware and proactive
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BOCA RATON, Fla.: For many years Individuals, Politicians and Government officials have all been waiting for someone else to act. We are equally to blame for the polluted air we breathe, it is not a foreign nations fault for Global Warming.

Global warming, breathing disorders, cancer and critical illnesses are at its highest point in history. The time to act is NOW!

Nations like China, Nigeria, Mongolia, Mexico and India along with the United States as well as many others are countries also experience Carbon Pollutions damaging effects. Fossil fuel burning and producing cement are the primary contributors Global Warming. Why do we ignore the problems we create?

The burning of coal releases twice as much Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas as petroleum. Worldwide fossil fuels generate 85% of electricity. Despite that fact Diesel Fuel releases +/-22 lbs of Carbon Dioxide per (US) gallon of fuel used/ burnt. Gasoline Fuel releases +/-19 lbs of Carbon Dioxide per (US) gallon of fuel used/burnt. Human activities are dependent on utilizing fossil fuel. It is the 21st Century, despite aftermarket low cost alternatives that could substantially reduce Hydrocarbons and Global Warming all parties including manufacturers ignore solutions that are available.

As it appears when governmental agencies try to implement and mandate a process to protect the public it is seldom implemented or reduced to a lesser degree. As everyone is aware government is influenced by lobbyists and manufacturers profits. The increased addition of Carbon Dioxides by humans to the atmosphere needs to be addressed immediately.

The largest source of Carbon emissions, 87% is from the combustion of fossil fuels, primarily motor vehicles. Why haven't County Commissioners, State Representatives and Senators taken any action, knowing there are aftermarket solutions?

In Texas, California and Florida all elected officials are aware of these alternative solutions. Texas has approved and implemented some of these solutions. California with its serious smog situation has implemented many restrictions. Florida like many states has based on actions has ignored the Carbon Pollution problem. Talk does not solve the serious problems we face, action is necessary.

Many question if financial influence has halted the eradication of Hydrocarbons. What can a private person, company or municipality do to help reduce Global warming and related illnesses like cancer? Carpooling, walking, riding a bicycle, fuel additives or in-line fuel enhancers like the ECO Fuel System all have proven to be beneficial.

Unfortunately due to distance walking or riding a bicycle may be impractical. Fuel additives require attention and can be costly due required continual use. The ECO Fuel System is a tested, proven and a practical low cost solution to reducing Hydrocarbons (40% - 70%+) that requires no chemicals or maintenance. Simply install it and benefit from it by reducing not only pollution but operating expenses.

Fuel savings has not been a primary focus of the ECO System like pollution. Many have reported that by making fuel burn more combustible and cleaner there can be a fuel savings of +/-8%.

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