The 2022 London Photography Awards Emboldens Photographers to Forge Your Own Time-Lapse

The 2022 London Photography Awards Emboldens Photographers to Forge Your Own Time-Lapse

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, ENGLAND: International Awards Associate (IAA) unveils the 2022 International London Photography Awards, an award platform for photographers whom convey their creativity via the photographic medium. “We are introducing a fresh take upon the International Photo Awards, catering to both the international scene, as well as the subtlety of London’s ever-evolving setting,” Thomas Brandt, the Spokesperson of IAA, exclaimed. “This new award provides photographers with the opportunity to showcase their creativity and etch the wonders of the world, as well as London itself, into the hearts of many, creating an everlasting imprint that will be remembered through time.”

Most timeless creativity stems from photographical imagery that lays a foundation for subsequent images and budding photographers. With that, IAA intends for London Photography Awards to celebrate, honour, and recognise excellence in photography worldwide, advocating those who bring ideas to life, with different techniques and creative approaches, whilst demonstrating the millennia-long history of The Swinging City and its advancing beauty. This competition will be accepting entries from 11 January 2022, with results to be announced on 13 May 2022.

The London Photography Awards caters to professionals, amateurs, students, and agencies worldwide. They are all invited to showcase their photographical brilliance, addressing various subjects and perspectives. With London Photography Awards’ 2022 theme being “Forge Your Time-Lapse”, entrants would be encouraged to incorporate classical subtleties of the past, within the nuances of societal advancements, capturing the perfect photographs that would eventually be etched within history itself.

The award will also be introducing the London categories, for London-based images, as well as 9 other international Photography Awards Categories for worldwide participation, including: Architecture, Black & White, Commercial, Covid-19 Related, Editorial, Fine Art, Nature, People, and Special Category.

Accessibility will be a core principle for London Photography Awards’ operations. This award encompasses simple online submission processes, with fundamental uploading of images and descriptions, as well as affordable rates of $30 and $25, for professional and amateur/student categories, respectively.

Submissions will be judged by experienced professionals, all of whom are professional photographers within their specific classifications. The winners of the 2022 London Photography Awards will be crowned Platinum and Gold winners. In addition to that, the awards will select the London Photographer of the Year, for the Professional category, whom will receive cash prizes of $3,000, and for the Amateur/Student category, whom will receive cash prizes of $2,000. The Category Winners of the Year will also be selected, for both Professional and Amateur/Student categories, whom will receive $100 each, all of which aims to promote extraordinary and innovative art.

Besides cash prizes, the 2022 London Photography Awards’ statuette will be up for purchase by the winners. It symbolises excellence, creative vision, and imagery’s ability to capture history in the present.