Sono Motors Reaches New Landmark in Journey to First Solar EV for the Masses

Sono Motors Reaches New Landmark in Journey to First Solar EV for the Masses

MUNICH: Sono Motors, the Company innovating electric mobility with its proprietary solar technology, has announced that it will launch the next generation prototype of its revolutionary Solar EV for the masses – The Sion. Led by its founders’ vision of a world without fossil fuels, Sono Motors has been supported by its community to further advance EV development. The Sion blends disruptive technology with affordability to enable individual contribution to global sustainability. Combined with Sono Motors’ proprietary Sono Solar Technology, the Sion is paving the way for an attractively priced transition to a sustainable future.

“We are tremendously proud to deliver on our promise to our community to showcase a product that can drive the transition to a solar-powered future. This journey started in a garage with a simple idea and has become a great force thanks to the overwhelming support of our community,” said Laurin Hahn, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sono Motors. “I speak for our entire team when I say that the next generation Sion prototype is just the beginning, and we are keen to set through to realize our goal. We are looking forward to continuing our progress to deliver the first Solar EV for everyone.”

Marking one year since it concluded one of Europe’s largest crowdfunding campaigns, Sono Motors is showcasing the product of its relentless and innovative work throughout 2020. The Sion boasts the lowest total cost of ownership in its class at an estimated gross price point of just € 25,500 and has amassed more than 12,600 pre-orders to date. In a nod to great automotive trailblazers of years’ past, the Sion embodies the idea of affordability, convenience, and accessibility in a one-size-fits-all package.

“This vision is powered by our proprietary Sono Solar Technology, which replaces traditional paint with integrated solar panels that harvest clean, renewable, free energy,” said Mathieu Baudrit, Director Photovoltaic Integration of Sono Motors. “With a boundless range of potential applications, Sono Solar Technology is a seamless, flexible and lightweight solution for efficient electric charging.”

This will be Sono Motors’ first time presenting at CES, one of the world’s largest and most influential technology events. CES 2021 will be held in a completely digital format from January 11-14, 2021 and will feature more than 1,000 exhibitors from across the globe. Sono Motors Live Session Details:

  • January 12 Trailblazing Mobility: The Solar EV of the Future @ 1:45-2:15PM EST
  • January 13 Garage to Global Innovation: Is SEV the new SUV? @ 1:45-2:15PM EST