Siddharth Nigam becomes the youngest actor in India to reach 1 million fan fam on YouTube, thanks his fans for the same 

Siddharth Nigam becomes the youngest actor in India to reach 1 million fan fam on YouTube, thanks his fans for the same 
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Siddharth Nigam achieved yet another milestone, not on screens but this time on his YouTube channel. Siddharth reached 1Million followers on YouTube and he indeed was delighted to touch down this number.

Siddharth's social media is seen filled with snippets from his serials, projects, friends and family posts and videos. The audiences have loved watching his content and thus the actor achieved such fan following. When asked about his connection with the fans Siddharth said, "The best part I think people like about me is that I am what I am. Be it on-screen or off-screen I am the same person. And I always try get to know my fans personally and I love that. These are somethings not everyone can do to make a video, edit it by yourself and then upload it on YouTube channel. And I always try to know what my fans want and I think that's what forms a connection between us. People feel like even after being so busy with my schedule I always connect with them personally and my fans always love and respect that. And I belive that like that I am honest with them. I have always been true to my fans and connected with them just the I am in real life. These are the small yet big things. And I am grateful to my fans and I am super happy to be the youngest TV actor to reach 1million subscribers on YouTube."

This shows his immense joy as he was seen thanking his fans for showering him with so much love and support.
When asked about the same Siddharth quoted, "Definitely, without a doubt this is big achievement for me, reaching 1 Million subscribers on YouTube. As being an actor it is difficult for us to maintain our presence digitally and be connected with our fans while acting. And though in this journey I have faced a lot of ups and downs but finally that I have reached 1 Million subscribers on YouTube, I am extremely happy. I would really like to thank my fans, supporters and well-wishers for always showering me with immense love be it any platform. Even when I can't be very active on these platforms still they are always there to support me as I have got 6.6 M fans on Instagram and now 1 M on YouTube, so it's great. As being an actor it is difficult as we already have pressure of our work and to maintain the youtube channel is difficult and we can't be like the Youtubers out there. But somehow I managed it all and my fans have always never stopped loving me. It's my fans love only that I have 1 Million subscribers on YouTube today."

It would also come as a surprise to all that Siddharth is one of the youngest actors of the country to hit the 1million bar on YouTube. Surely! A proud moment for all his fans.