Sanjay Mishra's ‘Guthlee Ladoo’ release date out now

Sanjay Mishra's ‘Guthlee Ladoo’ release date out now
Image Source: Instagram

Mumbai, Maharashtra: Actor Sanjay Mishra is all set to bring forth his next film titled 'Guthlee Ladoo,' which not only addresses discrimination and serious societal issues but also emphasizes the importance of education rights.

The official page of UV Films took to Instagram to share the poster and release date of the film. They captioned the post, "Embark on an inspiring journey of dreams and friendship with #GuthleeLadoo brought to you by UV Films. In the midst of adversity, a heartwarming bond forms that ignites the spark of hope. Stay tuned for the enchanting movie."

In the film, Sanjay Mishra takes on the role of a school principal and becomes the main protagonist in Guthlee's fight for education rights.

'Guthlee Ladoo' centres on the connected lives of Guthlee and Ladoo, two friends from disadvantaged backgrounds, amid a backdrop of societal prejudices and aspirations. Ladoo is satisfied with the simplicity of his life, while Guthlee strives for more because he wants an education and a better future. Their divergent viewpoints serve as the backdrop for a story that examines tenacity and the pursuit of equality.

Director Ishrat R. Khan, known for his nuanced storytelling, offers insight into the film's themes. He shared, "With 'Guthlee Ladoo,' we wanted to delve into the lives of characters who challenge societal norms and biases. The film is a celebration of determination and friendship, shedding light on the obstacles faced by marginalized communities in their pursuit of education."

Producer Pradeep Rangwani echoed the significance of the film's narrative. He said, "Through 'Guthlee Ladoo,' we hope to inspire conversations about social equality and justice. Our aim is to present a story that resonates with audiences on a deeper level and encourages reflection on the barriers that individuals from marginalized backgrounds often encounter."

‘Guthlee Ladoo’ stars Sanjay Mishra, Dhanay Sheth, Subrat Dutta, and Kalyani Mulay. It is directed by Ishrat R. Khan and produced by Pradeep Rangwani. The movie will hit theatres on October 13 with a potent story, a talented cast, and relevant topics.