Rockstar Games' 'GTA 6' gameplay leak suggests it might have male, female playable characters

Rockstar Games' 'GTA 6' gameplay leak suggests it might have male, female playable characters
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Washington, US: American video game publisher Rockstar Games' next instalment of its 'Grand Theft Auto' series could easily be one of the most anticipated games and now a new purported leak has offered a sneak peek at its gameplay.

According to Tech Crunch, the trove of data, which PCGamer discovered via a GTAForums post by the alleged hacker themselves, contains some 90 videos of clips from the game, with debug code and interfaces running and helping back up the veracity of the claims.

The hacker, named 'teapotuberhacker' on GTAForums, has claimed that they got the video by gaining access to a Rockstar employee's Slack account.

These leaks appear either legitimate, or fakes created with such a high degree of attention to detail and authenticity that they have won over what was initially a very sceptical GTAForums member audience.

Various clips from the leak depict both male and female protagonist characters, which does fit with other reports about what to expect in the forthcoming game.

They also show gameplay taking place in a Miami-analog fictional city; again matching early reports about what 'GTA 6' will bring to the franchise. It's worth noting that these videos likely show an older build, which some indication they could be from around 2017, reported Tech Crunch.

Reportedly, 'GTA 6' has been under development since 2014 hence it's reasonable to expect development snapshots to be from various builds over the years.

As per Tech Crunch, earlier this month, Rockstar rolled the credits from 'GTA 5' and 'GTA 5 Online' on its website, titling the page 'Thank You,' which many took as a sign that they were winding down active development on the title.