Escape Jaya Mobile Game Updated with New Challenges

Escape Jaya Mobile Game Updated with New Challenges
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LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES: Rose 2 Rebel Entertainment, a media company, has just released an update to their fun phone game, Escape Jaya. The new additions include time restrictions on two levels, a deadly maze, and a scenic car chase have been added to keep players immersed in the action. Escape Jaya is based on a character currently in development for a streaming series.

Jaya is a female character who is an undercover secret agent. The mission is to break out of a trapped room, fight for freedom, rescue the other women, and escape to safety. Timing is everything, watch out for the bad guys, and beware of what cannot be seen to survive this game. Also, the game has four levels, and two have time constraints.

Rose 2 Rebel Entertainment is an indie company. They produce entertainment projects that include but are not limited to movies and series. Escape Jaya is their first fun phone game project. The message behind the game is that women are stronger than they realize and do not always have the luxury to wait to be saved.

"We are excited to bring a strong female character to life that represents courage, strength, and a strong will to survive." Dahmenah Mingo, Founder of Rose 2 Rebel Entertainment.

Put on a hero’s attitude and get ready to save yourself and others in this free-to-play mobile game on android and IOS.