Now, Rumble App Enables Fans to Play Mentor in Playground Fantasy Game

Now, Rumble App Enables Fans to Play Mentor in Playground Fantasy Game
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Taking off from the success of Rusk Media’s Playground, game will help grow fan engagement with show

New Delhi, India: Viewers of Playground, a Rusk Media production that is also the country’s first gaming entertainment show, can now put themselves in the shoes of a mentor and select their best team of the day and season, in the Playground Fantasy game. The first season of Playground saw a great response from the Gen-Z audience, a demographic that is most likely to embrace Playground Fantasy, which is available on the ‘Rumble: Play Games & Connect’ app on Google Playstore.  

Dedicated to fans of the popular show, the game enables viewers to actively engage with Playground and further grow its fandom. And by participating in Playground Fantasy, fantasy gamers can win ‘rumbles’ and prizes. Additionally, they can use the ‘rumbles’ to back the prospects of their favourite players and help them win the championship.    

On the Rumble app, you can view player and team statistics; play in tournaments and lobbies; join or create tournaments and lobbies; and make your own Playground team in accordance with positions, skills, formations, and points. Besides, the app has a feature that enables you to get involved in a variety of challenges and earn Rumbles – in app currency of Rumble app, and also vote for your favourite Playground contestant.

The role of a Playground mentor is to guide their team to work in partnership, to better their chances of winning the top honour, the ‘Ultimate Gaming Entertainer’ award. This unique gaming challenge welcomes both the pro and casual gamers, while seeking to attract new gaming fans from around the country. And the Playground Fantasy game will help widen the show’s viewership, drawing more youngsters to the gaming universe.

Commenting on the launch of Playground Fantasy, Mayank Yadav, Chief Executive Officer, Rusk Media, said, “We’ve seen how Gen-Z has really taken to Playground and made it into India’s largest gaming entertainment show. And we believe that Playground Fantasy will increase user engagement with the brand and elevate the Playground series to another level. Available on the Rumble app, this game will offer the gamers fascinating insights into the world of Playground, and we have high hopes that it will be a resounding success.”

Rusk Media is a full-stack ‘Gen-Z first’ digital entertainment company whose premium content studio delivers social and OTT video IPs and a social UGC-gaming platform. Rusk’s ‘Playground’ brand is India’s largest gaming entertainment IP.