PUBG: Battlegrounds to Give Away Thousands of Dollars In G-Coin During Its PUBG Epic Fails Event

PUBG: Battlegrounds to Give Away Thousands of Dollars In G-Coin During Its PUBG Epic Fails Event
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Mumbai: KRAFTON, Inc. today revealed it is hosting a PUBG Epic Fails event in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS (for PC and Consoles), which encourages new and existing players to submit their favorite in-game “fail” moments via social media for the chance to win in-game currency (G-Coin), the game’s next Survivor Pass and a real-life trophy to humorously commemorate their “fails.” The PUBG Epic Fails event, which takes place now through 11:00 p.m. PST on Feb. 22, is designed as a fun and engaging way to welcome new players to PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS now that the game has gone free-to-play.

As of today, players are encouraged to share short video clips or screenshots of their most embarrassing or funny in-game moments via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using #PUBGEpicFails. Each submission should also include the player’s in-game nickname and their preferred game platform (e.g., PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, etc.). All submissions must be made before 11:00 p.m. PST on Feb. 22 to be eligible to win.

Winners and Prizing:

  • A total of 22 winners will be randomly selected and receive 20,000 G-Coin, a 16.2 Survivor Pass and a real-life trophy.
  • An additional 100 winners will be selected as “Weekly Best” winners and will receive a random G-Coin crate containing between 500 and 50,000 G-Coin.
  • Winners will be announced by Feb. 28.

The PUBG Epic Fails event comes on the heels of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS' recent transition to free-to-play. KRAFTON recently revealed that the game was the top-ranked game on Steam during its transition to free-to-play on Jan. 12, 2022. The milestone was reached with more than 690,000 total active players dropping into the Battlegrounds. The recent free-to-play transition has not only made the globally popular battle royale title more accessible than ever, but it has pushed similar growth rates to when the game was first released in 2017. In the week following the F2P transition, the game saw a 486% increase in new players, outpacing its 2017 player growth rate.