Meet Suhail Salim who's preserving Urdu literature in Kashmir Valley

Meet Suhail Salim who's preserving Urdu literature in Kashmir Valley
Image source: ANI

Jammu and Kashmir, India: Suhail Salim, a 30-year-old youth from downtown Srinagar, has embarked on a noble endeavour to preserve and promote Urdu literature in the enchanting valley of Jammu and Kashmir.

Through his literary magazine, "Koh-e-Maran," he aims to provide a platform for the young scholars and writers of the region to showcase their contemporary literary creations.

Hailing from the Rainawari area in central Kashmir's Srinagar district, Suhail Salim is a passionate advocate for Urdu literature.

Recognizing the need to engage the new generation with this rich language, he conceived the idea of "Koh-e-Maran."

This quarterly publication, first launched in July 2021, has swiftly gained recognition as a valuable resource for Urdu language students and research scholars in Kashmir, particularly in Srinagar.

"Urdu literature is a treasure trove of wisdom, emotion, and cultural heritage," Salim said, adding, "Through 'Koh-e-Maran,' we seek to revive and rejuvenate this language's significance in Kashmir. We aim to provide a platform for talented young writers to express themselves and contribute to the literary landscape of our region."

In his journey of promoting Urdu literature, Salim has already published several books, with a particular focus on women fiction writers. Notable among his publications are "Harfi Shehreen" and "Tabasum Zia Kay Afsanay," both showcasing the remarkable talent of female voices. Salim's dedication to empowering marginalized voices and shedding light on their stories is commendable.

Furthermore, Salim's contribution to the literary community extends beyond his magazine. With nearly 300 articles published in local and national journals, he has offered insightful perspectives on social, cultural, and literary topics. His thought-provoking writings have garnered attention and respect from fellow scholars and readers alike.

"Koh-e-Maran" has become a platform not only for budding writers but also for established literary figures.

Salim dedicated a special issue to the stalwarts of literature in Kashmir, including a "Women's Special" edition and a tribute to the acclaimed poet and Giyan Peeth Award winner, Rehman Rahi. This thoughtful gesture highlights Salim's commitment to honouring and showcasing the diverse voices within the literary community.

Salim's involvement in literary activities doesn't end with his magazine. He actively contributes to the Jammu and Kashmir Fiction Writers Guild, collaborating with like-minded individuals to uplift the literary scene in the region. Additionally, while pursuing his M.Phil in Urdu literature from Rajasthan University, he serves as a dedicated Urdu teacher at a local institution in Srinagar, imparting his knowledge and passion for the language to eager students.

When asked about his aspirations for the future, Salim's eyes light up with determination.

"I envision a Kashmir where Urdu literature flourishes, where young minds are inspired to explore the depths of this beautiful language. Through 'Koh-e-Maran,' my aim is to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, nurturing a literary renaissance that will resonate for generations to come," he added.

Suhail Salim's dedication to preserving and promoting Urdu literature in Kashmir is nothing short of inspirational. As his magazine, "Koh-e-Maran," continues to grow in influence and reach, it stands as a beacon of hope for aspiring writers and Urdu enthusiasts in the region. With Salim leading the way, the flame of Urdu literature in Kashmir shines brighter than ever before.