Masala Chai

Masala Chai
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Rating: 4/5

Author: Divya Prakash Dubey

Publisher: Hindi Yugm

Publishing Date: 24 March 2014

Language: Hindi

Genre: Fiction

ISBN-10: 9381394822

ISBN-13: 978-9381394823

Format: Paperback

Pages: 176


Masala Chai is the another assortment of part sensitive, part profound and utterly enchanting stories which are beginning to become the hallmark of his enormously observant and industrious writer. Yet another collection of stories and every story is as earthly as it is amusing in  the simplest manner. But at the same time it achieves the intensity which lends all these tales a unique flavour.

No matter what these stories bring out from within you, they will make you react to each situation in them as if it's your own.


'Masala Chai' is the written form of events that happen to new-age boys in the backdrop of their social and personal circumstances.

The style of Divya is thankfully not mundane and tedious, and credits goes to the way he presents his stories and makes them relevant that the youth of today finds it totally relatable, fun and worth to divulge into. It is because he does not associate with spiritual and saintly preaching.

There are 11 short stories in the book, whose subject revolves around School, College, Engineering, Placement, affairs, Failures, Love, Breakups. This 176-page book is written in very easy to understand language.

There are instances jotted down which will pull you down to your memory lane, quoting similar  incidents one has during his or her lifetime, for example: there are some school children who, during interrogation of the stolen ball, feed each other 'Vidya Kasam' and then come to 'Undi Bundi Sandi'. Or a 27-year-old boy who had two breakups, and both times his girlfriend kissed his head in the last meeting and said the same thing.

Divya has also boldly divulged into subjects like ‘curious human brain’ of school days and introduction to sexuality. In one story, there are innocent children who want to know the meaning of 'love' and after all the efforts, they end up watching a CD and do something 'strange'.

'Masala Chai' is basically a collection of youthful reminiscence that are usually narrated over a cup of tea; coming to which what serves the name of this book - A cup of tea with your favourite seasoning of your memories!

About the Author:

Divya Prakash Dubey (born 8 May 1982) is an Indian Hindi Author, songwriter and has a couple of short films too credited to his name. He graduated in 2005 from College of Engineering, Roorkee and then in 2009 with MBA from Marketing Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune. After this, he worked as Senior Manager (Marketing) in a telecom company. Enthusiastically active in film making, screenplay, lyric, copywriting. He was a member of the Film Writers Association since 2011.

He has written four books: a couple of collection of stories in Hindi, Terms and Conditions Apply and Masala Chai, and two short novels which includes Musafir Cafe and October Junction.. He is working on a new art of ‘Storybaazi’.

Divya Prakash is the first Hindi author of this fusion style of writing, thereby making the popular fiction genre for Hindi Indian Literature appealing to a wide audience. His other ground breaking efforts include the widely read Sunday Wali Chitthi and StoryBaazi. Both being revolutionary and new ways of story-telling to the masses.