Light showers in Mumbai suburbs

Light showers in Mumbai suburbs
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Munbai: Mumbaikars' wait for widespread rains seems to be getting longer with only light showers being witnessed Wednesday morning in areas like Andheri and Santacruz, a day after onset of the south-west monsoon was announced in Maharashtra, an IMD official said.

As per Met department, the monsoon will gain strength with a forecast of widespread rainfall in Goa and Konkan including Mumbai for four days till June 29.

Earlier in the morning, areas such as Andheri and Santacruz received some precipitation.

"We are observing the cloud pattern so that we can predict the possible downpour. The forecast for the next four days, till June 29 is of widespread rainfall in Goa and Konkan including Mumbai," the official said.

The Madhya Maharashtra region would receive some showers while other areas may have some dry days ahead, he said.

Marathwada and Vidarbha regions share similar forecast of scattered showers till June 29 which also means that the farming community as well as drinking water supply schemes in this region would have to wait longer to get sufficient rains to meet their needs.

As per the state government, more than 6,000 tankers are supplying drinking water in various villages and hamlets.

The monsoon, which generally arrives in Mumbai on June 10 every year, is behind schedule by more than two weeks, which is the longest such delay in the last ten years, IMD had said.