"It would be ridiculous" if 'Stranger Things' went longer than season 5: Finn Wolfhard

"It would be ridiculous" if 'Stranger Things' went longer than season 5: Finn Wolfhard
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Washington, US: Actor Finn Wolfhard of 'Stranger Things' fame recently stated that though he's "not ready" for the show to end but it "would be ridiculous" if the hit Netflix series went on longer than five seasons.

According to Variety, an American media company, in an interview with Uproxx, Wolfhard said, "I'm just really excited to start working on [Season 5] because after I finished watching Season 4, I just was like, 'Damn, let's just go back and film now.'"

While the actor said he isn't ready to leave "Stranger Things," he added, "I just want to help finish it off, but not in a way of 'I want to be done with it.' It's just like, I want to know what happens. I'm definitely sad about it, but also, I know that it's the next kind of chapter of everyone's life that needs to happen."

"To me, if 'Stranger Things' went on any longer than five [seasons], I would say it would be ridiculous," Wolfhard said, reported Variety.

He continued, ""I think the Duffer brothers figured out, I would imagine, a perfect ending in five. We didn't even know if we'd do two. So, we're happy that people still are around and want to watch it. But yeah, I'm excited."

The fourth instalment of 'Stranger Things' was broken up into two parts and released on May 27 and July 1, 2022. Upon debut, it became Netflix's most-streamed English-language season of television.

Meanwhile, writing has commenced on season 5 of 'Stranger Things', set to begin filming sometime this year, as per Variety.