Neela Scarf

Neela Scarf
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Rating: 4.2/5

Author: Anu Singh Choudhary

Publisher: Hindi Yugm

Publishing Date: 2014

Language: Hindi

Genre: Fiction

ISBN-10: 9789381394854

ISBN-13: 978-9381394854

ASIN: 9381394857

Format: Paperback

Pages: 160


Neela Scarf is an anthology of short stories which depicts life in different parts and among different social classes in India. The stories range from both urban and rural settings.

All the stories included in the book are different from each other with a range of diverse characters. Some of the stories in this selection are Mukti, Kuch Yun hona Uska, Cigarette Ka Aakhri Kash, and Bisesar Bo Ki Premika.

This book makes for a riveting and engaging read for those who enjoy Hindi short stories.


'Neela Scarf' is a collection of 12 short stories the author wrote over six years. Some of these stories had been published in literary magazines. All stories are very different from each other, and they all contain the same colour of emotions and intentions.

From bachelor lives, to live-in relations, to singles with break ups, newly-wed expecting couples, teenage child problems, relations between master and servant, doctor patient, roommates, colleagues...every aspect of human sentiments is present at the core of each story.

Its heroines are ordinary women living in the village and the girls of Metro City who live in the supposed freedom of the city. In it, Lily is the 'modern' girl who marries him even after beating her boyfriend, and Bissessar Bo who is ready to be with someone else at the behest of her husband. Despite the different backgrounds, the characters of women go through the same dilemma almost a categorised one.

There is a sadness in every story of not being understood by 'loved ones'; Whether it’s Bisessar Bo's husband or Shambhavi's husband Amitesh. But after completing these stories may give the readers a sense of relief or an associated happiness when these heroines listen to the voice of their heart and break free from the domination of the insensitive men in their lives.

Choudhary talks about ‘Neela Scarf’;

“These stories come from the different worlds I have lived in, or have experienced in some way or the other: a village in Siwan, an elite suite in Mumbai, a doctor's chamber in Kolkata, a PG accommodation in Delhi, a train compartment, a school in Ranchi and so forth. The inspiration came from a myriad characters I have seen, observed and lived with. These stories could be anyone's stories - yours or mine.”

About the Author:

Anu Singh Choudhary is a writer, translator, communications consultant and documentary filmmaker. She has written across formats including radio, TV, films and new media, and has written and directed award-winning documentaries and web-series. She wrote and directed The Good Girl Show, a web-series that was adapted into the award-winning play Antardwand: The Conflict Within and is now being turned  into a novel.

The author of Neela Scarf, a collection of short stories, and the memoir Mamma Ki Diary, Choudhary has translated over 20 well-acclaimed titles from English to Hindi. She has made six documentaries so far. Anu also writes for national dailies on child rights and gender.