Ismael Cala presents the audiobook Fluir para no sufrir (Flow so as not to suffer)

Ismael Cala presents the audiobook Fluir para no sufrir (Flow so as not to suffer)
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This coming June 23rd will see the launch of the audio version of this book that contains dozens of tools that will change the listener's life and is specially designed for those who enjoy listening to good content while doing other activities.

Miami: Ismael Cala, life and human development strategist, journalist, bestselling author, philanthropist, and international speaker, together with Penguin Random House presents a new way to connect with his life philosophy, embodied in the pages of Fluir para no sufrir, through the audiobook version that will be available starting this coming June 23.

In this audio, loaded with personal anecdotes, powerful fables, and real-life examples, Cala explains the 11 principles of the bamboo leader: integrity, versatility, flexibility, collaboration, spirituality, exponentiality, serene strength, passion, resilience, gratitude, and awareness-elevation, and how, through them, the path towards the transformation of the human being into a leader capable of beginning to make a difference in his or her life - and in the lives of others - is traveled.

"This audiobook opens the window to that fascinating world of deep and simple questions: questions that invite us to design a path with intention and that assures us our place in this dual and three-dimensional reality. Questions that we ask ourselves without forgetting that our existence is eternal, innocent, loving, and full of joy," explains Cala.

After intense days of recording and post-production, this wonderful learning and growth experience - narrated in a 4-hour audible format by the author himself - will allow listeners to enjoy it multiple times while playing sports, stuck in traffic, or in a quiet moment with their eyes closed.

Fluir para no sufrir audiobook version will be available at as well as on the usual audio format platforms.