Vadivel Pyrotechs Launches 'Seedstar' Firecrackers with Seeds Inside

Vadivel Pyrotechs Launches 'Seedstar' Firecrackers with Seeds Inside

Chennai, India: Vadivel Pyrotechs Private Limited, one of the leading firecrackers manufacturers in the country, unveils the game-changing Seedstar fireworks today. The innovative product takes the spirit of ‘green crackers’ to the next level by becoming the only fireworks in the world to sow real plant seeds on the ground after explosion. Each Seedstar firecrackers will have an explosive chemical material and durable seed packages which when ignited, plunge heat-resistant seeds into the air.

Indians burst over a million kilograms of crackers every year on Diwali and this celebration of fireworks has a small yet significant effect on the pollution levels. “To find a permanent solution to this recurring issue and to make Earth a better place to live in, we have launched this Seedstar. The existing green crackers can decrease harmful emissions only up to 30 to 35%, whereas the groundbreaking Seedstar reduces emissions to a greater extent and paves the way for a greener future by dispersing high-grade seeds on the ground,” says Mr. Vasanth Vikas Arumugasamy, Managing Director of Vadivel Pyrotechs, the largest manufacture of Sivakasi Crackers.

The idea of Seedstar was conceived by Mr. Vasanth Vikas Arumugasamy, Managing Director, Vadivel Pyrotechs, Mr. Athiban Arumugasamy, Joint Managing Director, Vadivel Pyrotechs and by Mr. M. S. Shailendra, CEO of Birth Marque, a creative branding company in Chennai. Seedstar has three crucial elements in it: explosive chemicals, assorted seed package, and vermicompost treated kraft papers.

Seeds with maximum heat resistance are placed along with the pellet balls inside the chemical mixture. On ignition, these seeds will get carried into the air up to several feet. Seeds with less durability are placed inside a clay adhesive which protects the seed during the entire process. On lighting the crackers, the seeds placed inside the clay sealing will get scattered within the limited radius of the firework. In addition to protection, the clay also offers nourishment to the seed during germination.

“On dispersal, these seeds will land on viable grounds and increase the foliage cover in the world. Under optimum conditions, at least 50% of the seeds used in these fireworks will grow into new plants,” he added.

The exclusive Seedstar kraft papers are treated with vermicompost to act as a natural fertilizer to the plants. Kraft paper plays a significant role in reducing the pollutions caused by firecrackers. In addition to this, all the shells and tubes used in the manufacture of Seedstar fireworks are biodegradable.

This innovation is presently incorporated in the manufacture of aerial shots, rockets, ground fireworks, and fountain crackers. It can be extended to any type of fireworks except sparklers.

Through extensive research and exhaustive product trials, thirty different types of indigenous seed varieties are selected for the purpose. They include seeds of Pongame Oil Tree, Tamarind, Neem, Albizia Lebbeck, Bamboo, Portia Tree, Leucaena, Papaya, Lemon, Casuarina Junghuhniana, Teak, Pithecellobium Dulce, Citron, Curry Leaf, SaracaAsoca, Chinaberry, AbrusPrecatorius, Sapota, Coral Tree, Pterocarpus Marsupium, Nigella Sativa, Laburnum Tree, Water Melon, Pumpkin, Pea, Pigeon, Bottle Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Guava, and Sugar-apple.

“To commemorate our 75th anniversary, we aim to transcend the fireworks manufacturing industry by introducing a futuristic product line, Seedstar. Our revolutionary product incorporates the true essence of green in fireworks while not tampering with the festive spirit,” said Mr. Athiban Arumugasamy, Joint Managing Director, Vadivel Pyrotechs.

The innovation and branding partner of Seedstar is Birth Marque, a leading digital marketing company in Chennai. “We always believed that innovations are the key for a better future and we take immense pride in associating with a product like Seedstar which will create a better environment for all’, says Mr. M. S. Shailendra,” CEO of Birth Marque.

Started in the year 1937 as Premier Fireworks, a partnership firm, Vadivel Pyrotechs braved all odds to be the largest manufacturer of quality and innovative firecrackers in the country.