How to Maintain Skin Health During the Wedding Season

How to Maintain Skin Health During the Wedding Season
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Every Wedding season brings binge eating, late-night chattering, and physical effort. All of these will affect all types of skin. The Wedding season has begun, and while the functions continue, one can follow this simple and easy wedding season skincare routine to nourish the skin and only add to the wedding glow! This is your guide to getting ready for weddings in terms of skincare!

Hydrate as much as you can, and sip lots of water throughout the day. To begin a skincare regimen, it is critical to remove makeup with a decent makeup remover. Once your face is makeup-free, apply a cleanser/face wash that is appropriate for your skin type.

Here are some tips by Dr. Saru Singh, an AESTHETIC PHYSICIAN, Registered medical practitioner MBBS with DALM. Tips for Caring for Your Skin During the Weddings

1. Stay out of the way of the sun.

M to avoid tanning and sun damage because Indian skin is more prone to tanning due to its higher melanin content. Choose an oil-free and lightweight sunscreen, SPF 550+, which provides better sun protection and does not create a white cast after application.

2. Maintain a Healthy Diet and Adequate Sleep

Stress, lack of sleep, and a bad diet can all lead to unpleasant skin problems. Late nights are unavoidable, particularly during marriage functions. Once you've identified the problem spots, pick the best product for your skin type.

3. Establish A Skincare Routine

Make sure you are utilising the best skincare products for glowing skin, which includes starting your morning with an anti-oxidant-rich serum, followed by a rich moisturiser. These will be extremely successful over the wedding season.

4. Use Only Quality Beauty Brands and Stay Hydrated.

Select beauty products that are dermatologist-approved.

5. Stick to Your Nighttime Routine

Religiously To acquire a wedding glow, remove any makeup before going to bed and use an anti-ageing serum and an overnight mask. Regularly sleeping for 7 to 9 hours will rejuvenate your skin via its night-time healing mechanism, making it look plump in the mornings.

6. Finish Your Glow Treatment and Exfoliation!

You can receive a glow treatment shortly before attending functions if you like. Exfoliation is essential for lowering pore size and eliminating blemishes, so don't neglect it during the wedding.

7. Continue to Exercise and Eat Your Greens

Make sure you're exercising and not skipping workouts. Cardio is important since it increases metabolism and improves blood circulation. Eating a well-balanced diet filled with green vegetables and healthy meals will help to maintain your skin looking natural, fresh, and boosted.

8. Instant Sheet Mask for Nourishment

Many people are aware of the power of a fast sheet mask, it undoubtedly ends up hydrating your skin. You can benefit from nourishing skin and anti-ageing effects by using this and then applying a retinol-containing serum.

9. Care For Your Lips

When performing your skincare routine, don't overlook your lips. These should be scrubbed with a lip scrub. A lip balm can also be used to hydrate your lips. Just let them appreciate the shine of your skin during the functions and wear minimal makeup!