Finally, integrated Body, Mind & Spiritual guidance to achieve better health & inner happiness

Finally, integrated Body, Mind & Spiritual guidance to achieve better health & inner happiness
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Lisbon, Portugal: Life Guidance Online Ltd has released its revolutionary online personal guidance system, the Self-Health Journey (SJ), which fully integrates medical solutions for our body and mind, with our spiritual component, in an innovative manner, which has never been seen before. SJ uses traditional medical methods and then blends those with holistic and spiritual development approaches and techniques, creating a seamless path that enables individuals to reach their health and life goals, in the shortest possible time.

Dr Charley is the founder and CEO of Life Guidance Online. He is a medical doctor and has been in practice as a specialist urology surgeon for over three decades in the UK and in South Africa and is now in Lisbon (Portugal). He is also an inner development specialist and spiritual guide to his clients. He has, over the years, created the Self-Health Journey system, for his clients’ better health and inner happiness.

The SJ can help resolve and eliminate four main types of life problems:
• Firstly, it can help people with chronic illnesses and sexual dysfunction.
• Secondly, it can help those people with addictive and overeating problems.
• Thirdly, it can help those with stress-induced anxiety and depressive episodes.
• Fourthly, it can help those that fear death or are just not happy creating consciously and feel purposeless.

The reason why Dr Charley developed the SJ? As most are aware, information overload is a major problem on the internet. There is just way too much information on every searched topic, and for that reason the Self-Health Journey steps in and provides more than three decades of filtered and focused knowledge and effective specialist treatment actions.

The SJ is now available online, and it is fully delivered in only an hour per week and in less than 90 days. It includes 14 focused Knowledge video Workshops, 12 Implementation and Monitoring tasks, the Self-Health Journey Workbook, as well as 14 effective video Action Workshops, the Maintenance Program’s SJ Dashboard, and the SJ Companion App.