Book offers 9 principles for stress-free parenting

Book offers 9 principles for stress-free parenting
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New Delhi: Spiritual teacher Kamlesh D Patel, more popular as Daaji, has come out with an inspirational book that offers nine principles to live a life that inspires and enriches the lives of children and builds resilient bonds in the family.

Daaji says his book "The Wisdom Bridge", published by Penguin Random House India, puts the spotlight on the importance of wisdom in our lives.

"In times of uncertainty and doubt, wisdom shows the way. It helps us avoid rookie mistakes and prepare for a future, one filled with meaning and purpose," he says.

In the book, he shares the principles that are important references for parents, parents-to-be, grandparents, and caregivers to create fulfilling and happy lives.

These principles are: 1) Raising a child still takes a village; 2) Be guided by wisdom. Seek it. Cultivate it. Share it; 3) Preparation begins long before the children arrive; 4) Happy mothers make happy families; 5) Early childhood is the foundation of wisdom; 6) Character builds personality; 7) Youths are the future. Guide them, don't break them; 8) Lifestyle is an expression of one's attitudes; and 9) Discipline your love, not love your discipline.

According to Milee Ashwarya, publisher at Ebury Publishing and Vintage, "The Wisdom Bridge" is a truly special book for families to read and cherish.

Daaji, the current spiritual guide of the global Heartfulness movement, has previously authored books like "The Heartfulness Way" (with Joshua Pollock) and "Designing Destiny".

"As parents, we care for our children, love them, nurture them and a day comes when they step outside the protective bubble of home. 'The Wisdom Bridge' will help parents guide their children on the path of wisdom as they grow up in life," he writes.

Daaji uses the word 'parent' as an umbrella term to address anyone caring for a child in some capacity. It includes parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, teachers and caregivers.

"Also, I use the word 'family', to address the many flavours that families come in - large joint families, nuclear families, families with co-parents, single parents and so on," he says.

He says there is no one formula to raising a happy family and resilient children. But there is one magic ingredient that makes parenting a fulfilling journey.

"That magic ingredient is love. The highest wisdom in life is the wisdom to love. Give love and give it unconditionally," he writes.