Ana De Armas reveals about learning English from 'Friends' in 'Saturday Night Live' monologue

Ana De Armas reveals about learning English from 'Friends' in 'Saturday Night Live' monologue
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Washington, US: Ana de Armas paid homage to her Cuban roots during her "Saturday Night Live" debut hosting performance on Saturday. As the "Blonde" star turned up on stage for her monologue, she greeted the audience in Spanish, before revealing her experience of coming to the United States.

As per Variety, "Gracias, gracias," De Armas said to a roaring audience. "He tenido un ano increible y estoy muy feliz de estar aqui presentando el programa de esta noche." ("Thank you, thank you; I've had an incredible year and I'm very happy to be here hosting the show tonight.")

"I speak English," De Armas continued, "But I didn't when I first got to the U.S. I was born in Cuba. I came to America when I was 26, and I learnt English the way everyone who comes to this country does: by watching 'Friends."

"Who would have thought that the best English tutor would be Chandler Bing?" De Armas joked. "I mean look at me now; could I be any better at English?"

De Armas went on to explain the hardships she faced coming to America with English as a second language.

She used the example of an acting class, "which was definitely a scam," centred around the audition process: "There was this line, 'I beg your pardon.' But I had never seen or heard that phrase, so I thought this character was literally begging."

The Academy Award nominee also gave a shoutout to Robert de Niro during her opening remarks, whom she met while working on her first movie in the U.S., titled "Hands of Stone." De Armas elaborated on how the fellow actor visited her father at work while on a trip to Cuba.

"That was such a kind gesture, and I have been so fortunate to work with so many wonderful actors," De Armas concluded. "My dad was so proud of me, and he would be proud to see me today standing on this stage. I feel very lucky to be here."

De Armas' latest project with co-star Chris Evans, an Apple TV+ film titled "Ghosted," will premiere on April 21. The actor also wrapped the shooting of "Ballerina," the fourth installment of the "John Wick" franchise.

Like De Armas, Karol G will later make her "Saturday Night Live" debut as the musical guest of the evening. The Colombian singer-songwriter received the Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2018 and has since topped the Billboard 200 with the release of her latest studio album, Manana Sera Bonito.