TVS Buckboard Network.Com Starts a Sunday Block of Bonanza, the Night That Made Color TV

TVS Buckboard Network.Com Starts a Sunday Block of Bonanza, the Night That Made Color TV
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In the late 1950's, NBC developed the epic Bonanza series as a major effort to sell color TV sets for their parent company, RCA. For more than a decade, Bonanza and Sunday nights were linked. Now TVS brings Bonanza back to Sunday nights for binging.
ESSINGTON, Pa.: TVS Buckboard Network.Com, the 24/7 streaming post cable network that showcases classic Western TV shows, has scheduled multiple episodes of Bonanza to run on Sunday evenings. It was on Sunday evenings that Bonanza became a legendary TV landmark for NBC and RCA. The show was the first large-scale color classic and it did for color TV sales what Milton Berle did for black & white TV sales a decade earlier.

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Other classic Westerns on TVS Buckboard Network include Rawhide, The Westerner, Cimmaron Strip, The Restless Gun, Wagon Train, Wyatt Earp, Jim Bowie, The Deputy, Bat Masterson, Sugarfoot, and Daniel Boone.

TVS also presents TVS Nostalgia Network  TVS Vintage Network, TVS Pinball Network,
TVS Quiz Show Network, TVS Hi Tops Network, TVS Front Page Detective Network, and TVS Cipher Network. Each is a 24/7 streaming post cable network featuring classic TV shows.

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TVS Television Network was founded in 1960 and is the 4th oldest commercial broadcast TV network in the USA.