World Renowned Experts in Metaphysics Have Launched the Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast

World Renowned Experts in Metaphysics Have Launched the Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast

USA: To enrich the lives of listeners around the globe, world renowned experts in metaphysics have launched The Metaphysical Mysteries podcast. The entire first season of the podcast is on major streaming platforms now such as Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Audible, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Deezer, iheart, Tune In, YouTube, and Soundcloud.

Throughout season one, experts and internationally renowned guests appear. Included is somaveda healer Dr. Maureen Hughes, quantum mechanics educator Michelle Bunting, and radionics expert Marty Lucas. The Metaphysical Mysteries Podcast will quickly become the most exciting part of your day. Every couple of weeks, you can tune into the Metaphysical Mysteries podcast for discussions on healing, reiki, dreams and visions, sound therapy, mediums and psychic personalities, astral travel, angels, and demons. If you’re a fan of Ancient Aliens or the Metaphysical Hour podcasts, then you’ll love Metaphysical Mysteries.

Truth, where do we find it? It is and has always been located within each of us. Our design in spirit, contains a never-ending connection with the creator and all the knowledge we desire to complete this journey in life.

One of your host’s, Terry, has a PhD in mystical research and is a master hypnotherapist and regressionist. He is the creator of the tremendously effective “Tactical ‘Hypnosis’ certification program”. Terry is also a certified meditation instructor. Your other host, Tom, is credentialed as a LICSW and is a practitioner and instructor in many energy-based techniques and an algorithm and diagnostics trainer in thought field therapy. He has served as co-chair of their international ATFT trauma relief committee. Tom is also credentialed as a quantum health coach. Tom and Terry focus on state-of-the-art science, and practical application, to help metaphysics make sense in your everyday life. You can live a more fulfilled, authentic, and prosperous lifestyle through metaphysics, and take advantage of all that it has to offer.

Thousands of people are tuning in to hear Tom and Terry’s advice and knowledge about metaphysics. Every day, lives are changed via the duo and their metaphysical acumen. It’s becoming abundantly apparent that what everyone of us needs to understand, are the benefits that metaphysics has to offer us in our physical and spiritual lives. Doing so could be the difference between a mundane existence and an extraordinary journey.