Spiritual Gift, Crystals Shop celebrates move to Ellicottville with Grand Opening Event October 1-3

Spiritual Gift, Crystals Shop celebrates move to Ellicottville with Grand Opening Event October 1-3

ELLICOTTVILLE, NY, UNITED STATES: Ellicottville, known for its incredible ski slopes, riding trails and charismatic shops, now has a new unique place - a crystals shop. Good for the Spirit Gifts is located at 11 Martha Street, next to Bike and Bean. The new shop offers quite a large variety of crystals and crystal items from wire-wrapped jewelry to spirit animals to crystal skulls and other carvings from the world's top carvers.

In addition to crystal items, the shop carries a variety of wares from local artisans such as wall art, stunning angel paintings, leatherwork, pyrography and 3D printed items. There are essential oils, diffusers, wearable aromatherapy, Himalayan salt items, a large variety of intention candles, sand art, spiritual books, oracle, tarot and daily affirmation cards, hand made fairy dolls, gongs, tuning forks and singing bowls.

"There is something for every budget here, from a simple tumbled crystal for two dollars to a huge smoky quartz generator crystal for nearly a thousand dollars. You can come in and play a singing bowl for free or listen to a beautiful gong."

Store owner Suzy Woo says, "Anything you might want for a meditation room, anything to lift your spirits or tickle the senses, you can find here." Woo is an astrologer, spiritual healer, psychic medium, retreat leader and two times Amazon international best-selling author. "My passion is sharing these powerful healing and divination tools with everybody to take the woo-woo factor out of the equation. "The changes in the human energy field from things like gongs, sound bowls and tuning forks are palpable and measurable. There is proof to show the positive impact. Sound does heal."

All are invited to Good for the Spirit Gifts' Grand Opening Event October 1-3 from 11am til 6pm. Woo will be doing a book signing, there will be a Chinese auction for valuable gift baskets, and the first 10 people in the door each day will receive a free promotional item.

All adults 18 and over who stop in that weekend will receive a complimentary store scratch-off ticket. Top prizes include a $50 store gift card, an astrology chart reading, and an aura reading report.

Woo has her own spiritual practice at the same address; and is booked through early November. If you are interested in scheduling an energy healing or a reading, email now to get on the schedule for November. There will be plenty of workshops coming to the new space, as Woo loves to teach her trade.

Be sure to stop in and welcome the new shop on the block, Good for the Spirit Gifts. While you're at it, get a running head start on your holiday shopping. Plenty of new items always coming in, every time you stop in you will find fun and inspiring new additions.

Regular store hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11am-6pm. Most items are also available on the store's website.