Ways to safely clean your dirty TV screen

Ways to safely clean your dirty TV screen
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New Delhi, India: A clean and dust-free TV screen is what most people prefer but just like any other appliance to avoid causing any damage, there are certain aspects that need to be kept in mind before going all out on a cleaning spree.

Even the dirtiest of screens can go unnoticed to the eye, especially when one watches colourful content on it which leads to smudges and grime getting minimised visually. However, cleaning up the TV screen is quite an easy job and here's how to do it, according to USA Today Tech.

Items required:

Soft microfiber cloth

Warm water (small amount)

Alcohol- and ammonia-free screen cleaning solution (Optional)

Time required: 10 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

TV screens, similar to any other glass surface, look best when they are free of smudges, spots, and fingerprints. However, there is a lot of false information regarding the ways to clean up these delicate pieces of technology.

But as said it's quite an easy job and hence once the basics are clear, freeing your spot-covered TV becomes almost effortless.

Never use Window cleaners on TV

As per USA Today, harsh chemicals like alcohol, ammonia, and lauramine oxide that can cause damage to LCD and OLED panels are found in window cleaners. The reason why people often use this is that in older times the CRT TV screens could withstand these chemicals as they were made of glass.

If not window cleaners then what?

A soft microfiber cloth is what can easily do the trick on LCD screens but using water along with it is also not at all a bad idea.

Even the densest of fingerprints can be wiped away without requiring any moisture but the right type of cloth or towel is very vital because otherwise, you may end up leaving scratch marks on the screen.

To clean your TV screen always use a microfiber cloth or towel like the ones that come with a new pair of glasses. Standard tissues or paper towels should be avoided.

If you decide to use water or some sort of cleaner, do not spray the screen directly. Instead, lightly moisten your microfiber cloth before wiping the TV screen.

For the cleaning process, USA Today suggests, working on the problem areas with gentle, circular motions and avoiding applying too much pressure to the panel. For those dealing with some stubborn, oily stains that just won't cooperate, resist the urge to exert more force and instead, try moisturizing the cloth with a small amount of warm water.

Using dedicated screen-cleaning solutions is fine for LCD, LED and OLED TVs, but if you decide to use screen cleaner, make sure the formula does not include alcohol or ammonia, as per USA Today.