Twitterati slams Bharat Matrimony over new Holi video advertisement

Twitterati slams Bharat Matrimony over new Holi video advertisement
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New Delhi: Bharat Matrimony's latest video commercial on the occasion of Holi has sparked debate, with several people accusing the matrimonial website for hurting their religious sentiments.

The video released on March 8, also marked as International Women's Day, shows how harassment faced by women during Holi leads to trauma and stops them from celebrating the festival of colours.

Bharat Matrimony tweeted the 75-second clip video with the caption: "This Women's Day and Holi, let's celebrate by creating safer and more inclusive spaces for women. It's important to acknowledge the challenges that women face in public spaces and create a society that truly respects their well-being - today and forever."

The video shows a woman with her face covered in different colours, who washes her face to get rid of the Holi colours.

Underneath her colourful face are shown bruises. And the captions reads: "Some colours don't wash away easy."

"A third of women who've faced this trauma, have stopped playing Holi."

Twitter users called out against the matrimonial website for hurting religious sentiments, and linking a festival with an important issue.

"You guys are absolutely disgusting. How dare you link a social message with the Hindu festival of Holi," wrote a user.

"It's disappointing to see that you're equating our festivals with harassment. Let's celebrate diversity and respect each other's culture and faith. Let's spread love, not hate," wrote another.

"#BoycottBharatMatrimony Shame on @bharatmatrimony for using a Hindu festival like #Holi to run their social awareness agenda," another user tweeted.

Even as the video soon became viral and triggered a massive outcry, some also came in support of the ad.

"This is indeed very brave of @bharatmatrimony. Festivals cannot and should not be a traumatic experience. Respect and Consent is vital and what better than the #WomensDay to send this message out to all those men who abuse, harm and disrespect women," tweeted one user.

"Some people are very angry on this video. But thanks to @bharatmatrimony for raising this sensitive topic. Illiterate people can neither understand nor want to understand," tweeted another.

A day earlier online food delivery app Swiggy was also called out by netizens over a billboard ad for Instamart.

The billboard features eggs and reads, "Omelette; Sunny side-up; Kisi ke sarr par. #BuraMatKhelo. Get Holi essentials on Instamart."