Prices of tomatoes, potatoes and green vegetables may further go up, heatwaves and now rains have destroyed crops

Prices of tomatoes, potatoes and green vegetables may further go up, heatwaves and now rains have destroyed crops
Image source: ANI

New Delhi, India: The prices of tomatoes will rise more in north India, including Uttar Pradesh, Delhi NCR and Haryana. Farmers say tomato crops have been damaged due to heavy rainfall in the Muradabad region.

The region is known for its extensive tomato farming, with tomatoes from here reaching Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Delhi NCR, and Haryana. However, the recent heavy rains in Muradabad have destroyed tomatoes in the fields.

Farmers of the region told ANI that tomatoes are rotting on plants and the waterlogged fields are decaying the plants. As a result, farmers are uprooting their tomato crops to make way for other cultivation.

"Earlier also our crop got damaged and now again the rainfall has damaged our crop, earlier it was damaged by excessive heatwaves and now early rainfall has damaged it, now we want some relief from the government," said a tomato farmer Pappu Hasan to ANI.

The farmers also reported that earlier, the intense heatwave had already damaged the tomatoes, and now the untimely rains have completely ruined the crop.

They also added that earlier also they had not received good prices for their tomatoes, and now any hopes of profit have been dashed by the continuous rains. Farmers are now pleading for government assistance.

The farmers and vegetable sellers in Ajmer, Rajasthan also faced the impact of the weather as the monsoon season has begun to impact vegetable prices in the markets.

"Almost everything is expensive now. Tomatoes are expensive, chilies are expensive. The main reason for this inflation is the heat. First, the heat caused damage, and now the recent rains have also spoiled the vegetables. Items like tomatoes are going to get even more expensive. Customers are troubled, buying just a little bit of vegetables, and the bill comes out to be five hundred to six hundred rupees. It's a difficult situation" said Tara Singh a vegetable seller in Ajmer.

There has been a notable increase in the prices of tomatoes, potatoes, and onions. With the onset of July rains, vegetable prices have surged significantly.

In June, tomato prices were between 40 to 50 rupees per kilo, but they have now soared to 75 to 80 rupees per kilo.

Similarly, potato prices have risen to 25 to 30 rupees per kilo, and potato prices have reached 40 to 45 rupees per kilo. Heavy rains in several states have affected the prices of vegetables.

"Our income is not increasing, and due to the rain, the produce is getting spoiled. This is causing prices to rise. Onions were earlier Rs 30 to 35 per kilo, and now they are 40 to 45 rupees. Potatoes were 25 to 30 per kilo, and now they are 40 to 45 rupees per kilo" said Narayan Lal a vegetable shopkeeper in Ajmer.