PM Modi's 'prophecy' for Rajasthan, says "Ashok Gehlot government will never be formed"

PM Modi's 'prophecy' for Rajasthan, says "Ashok Gehlot government will never be formed"
Image source: ANI

Dungarpur, Rajasthan: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday slammed the ruling Congress government in Rajasthan over a number of issues and added that it is his prophecy that not only this time but the Ashok Gehlot-led government will never be formed in the state.

"Today, taking the blessings of Mavji Maharaj Ji, I am daring to make a prediction. It is the power of this holy land that this thought has come to my mind and I am taking this courage by seeking forgiveness from Mavji Maharaj. People of Rajasthan should write what I am saying- the prediction is that Ashok Gehlot's government will never be formed in Rajasthan," PM Modi said.

PM Modi made this remark while addressing a public rally in Dungarpur's Sagwara in poll-bound Rajasthan.

He also criticised the Gehlot government over the paper leak issue and said that the dreams of youths have been shattered due to its awful policies for education.

The Prime Minister also accused the state government of practising 'scams' in all the government appointments.

"...Because of bad governance of Congress, dreams of youths have been shattered...The Congress government in Rajasthan has done scams in all the government appointments... This is an injustice to your children...", PM Modi said.

Taking a swipe at Congress, the PM said that guarantees of Modi start at the point where people give up their hopes in Congress on the issue of welfare schemes.

"Gareeb kalyan, jan kalyan ke prati jahan congress se ummeed khatam hoti hai waha se Modi ki gurantee shuru hoti hai," the PM said.

He further urged people to elect the Bharatiya Janata Party to power and said that it is important to oust the Congress from power so that all the central government schemes can be implemented faster in the state.

"...Democracy has given you a chance to change this Congress government of bad governance... Sometimes a small mistake can make you suffer for five years... It is important to send away Congress so that all the central government schemes can be implemented faster in Rajasthan..." he added.

In a jibe at Rajasthan CM, PM Modi said that the people are denying to vote for Ashok Gehlot this time.

"Wherever Congress leaders are going to seek votes, they are getting only one answer - 'Gehlot ji, koni mile vote ji (Gehlot ji, you will not get the votes).

Sagwara Assembly constituency comes under the Dungarpur district and is one of the 200 seats that will go to polls in the 2023 Rajasthan Legislative Assembly elections.

In the 2018 Rajasthan Assembly election, the Bharatiya Tribal Party (BTP) snatched two seats -horasi and Sagwara- from the BJP.

However, the 2023 Rajasthan Assembly elections are likely to be a two-way contest between the ruling Indian National Congress (INC) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), even as various regional and smaller parties will try to make an impact.