Mylo Survey: 53.5 Per Cent of Women Choose Green Tea and Weight Loss Tea for Successful Weight Management

Mylo Survey: 53.5 Per Cent of Women Choose Green Tea and Weight Loss Tea for Successful Weight Management
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Gurugram, Haryana: In today's health-conscious world, the pursuit of effective, sustainable weight management has become a common objective for many individuals, especially for women who are dedicated to achieving their fitness goals while prioritizing their overall well-being. Embarking on a weight loss journey often involves a myriad of choices, from dietary adjustments to exercise regimens and, sometimes, the incorporation of supplements.

Recognizing the significance of these choices and the evolving landscape of weight loss preferences, Mylo - a leading full-stack pregnancy and parenting platform – recently conducted an extensive survey. The survey included responses from 1,670 women across diverse age groups, geographic locations, and backgrounds in India. The primary objective of the survey was to understand the experiences, challenges and strategies of women on their weight loss journeys.

According to the survey findings, 59.7 per cent of the participants were trying to lose weight or have recently lost weight. Their weight loss journeys spanned from less than three months to over six months. When asked about the motivation behind their weight loss journeys, 55.7 per cent of the women wanted to lose their pregnancy weight and 39.8 per cent were motivated to improve their overall health. A small faction of the survey participants set out on their weight loss journeys in order to boost their chances of conception.

The survey also sought to understand the challenges faced by women trying to lose weight. A whopping 53.2 per cent of the survey participants considered belly fat as their greatest weight loss obstacle. Some other challenges included finding the time and motivation to exercise regularly, controlling diet and appetite, the disappointment of not losing weight and dealing with the fear of consuming calories. To overcome these challenges, the survey participants resorted to various strategies and techniques to shed pounds.

Nearly half of the women found exercising and practicing Yoga regularly along with dietary changes as the most effective weight loss strategy. Intermittent fasting, diet plans and weight loss supplements were some other powerful weapons in their weight loss arsenal. When it came to choosing the most effective weight loss supplements, 53.5 per cent of the women preferred green tea and weight loss tea. Apple cider vinegar and wheatgrass powder were also popular choices among women trying to lose weight.

Commenting on the survey results, Shaveta Gupta, the Head of Content & Community at Mylo, said, “We are thrilled to see that more and more women are striving to manage weight and improve their overall health. It is even more impressive to see women’s increasing inclination towards natural and holistic approaches to weight loss, be it in their preference for green tea and weight loss tea or dedication towards exercise and Yoga.”

Furthermore, the survey asked participants to reveal the positive impacts their weight loss journeys had on their health. 52.3 per cent of the women felt a boost in their self-esteem and confidence and 42.4 per cent noticed an increase in their energy levels. Some other benefits included improvement in cholesterol and/or blood pressure levels, lowered blood sugar levels and insulin resistance and better odds at conception.

“The positive impact of these journeys extends beyond just shedding pounds. It's heartening to see that so many women experienced boosted self-esteem, increased confidence, higher energy levels, and improved health markers. These transformations not only contribute to their well-being but also inspire others to embark on similar journeys of self-improvement,” Shaveta added.

As important as it is to begin one’s weight loss journey, staying committed to one’s weight loss goals is equally if not more essential. When asked how the survey participants stayed motivated on their respective weight loss journeys, being able to fit into old and smaller clothes, noticing visible improvements in weight, feeling energetic and happier and hearing compliments from family and friends were some of the most common responses.

Lastly, the survey asked the participants to list their greatest supporters on their weight loss journeys. An impressive 69.4 per cent of the women credited their family as their pillars of support while 17.8 per cent found the much-needed support in Mylo community and app. Mylo remains committed to shedding light on these important facets of women's lives, providing a platform for sharing experiences, challenges, and triumphs.