Israel Defence Minister Gallant meets with Czech counterpart

Israel Defence Minister Gallant meets with Czech counterpart
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Tel Aviv, Israel: On Thursday Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant hosted his Czech counterpart, Minister of Defence Jana Cernochova.

Minister Gallant expressed his appreciation for the Minister's solidarity and partnership in both the diplomatic and defence arenas since the attack conducted by Hamas on October 7th. He briefed the Minister on developments in the war against Hamas in Gaza, and the threat posed by Hezbollah on the northern border. The Ministers also discussed the hostage situation and ongoing efforts to ensure their return to Israel.

The parties discussed the close bilateral ties between the respective militaries and defense establishments, particularly regarding industrial projects and intelligence cooperation.

"Today our nations share a powerful bond and our defence establishments cooperate in a range of fields - from industry to intelligence," Gallant told Jana Cernochova. "This directly impacts the security and capabilities of both countries. Your visit during this time is yet another sign of solidarity and support - thank you."

"Since the brutal attacks conducted by Hamas on October 7th, we have been fighting a complex, yet just war against a cynical enemy," he added. "Our goals remain unchanged. We remain committed to bringing home 136 hostages held by Hamas in Gaza. And we remain determined to destroy Hamas as a terrorist and governing body in Gaza."

"Just like in 1948, I now stand by the State of Israel and we are ready to provide unequivocal support in the right to self-defence and help in the fight against the terrorists Hamas," said Minister Cernochova."

She said their meeting held "constructive" negotiations on defence-industrial cooperation and acquisition projects.