Instagram now allows users to set video status

Instagram now allows users to set video status
Image source: Google

Los Angeles, US: Love putting your videos on Instagram? If yes, then the latest update on the application will surely be helpful for you.

As per TechCrunch, Instagram is launching the ability for users to post video Notes.

Notes is Instagram's status feature that launched a year ago. Up until now, you could only post text or emojis to your status update. Now, you can post a two-second looping video Note that will be visible to your mutual followers or Close Friends for 24 hours.

Users can only post content from their front-facing camera when sharing video Notes. Users have to capture the content in the app when posting a video Note, which means that they can't upload a video from their phone's camera gallery.

Users can post a video Note by going to their inbox, tapping on their photo in the Notes tray, and then clicking the camera button on top of their photo. From there, they can tap the record button to record a two-second video. Users then can add text to the clip and then post it.

There's an increase in the number of video content being created on Instagram, with Reels likely contributing to a significant portion lately. Now it is to see how this feature of Video Notes would perform among the users.