Here's the Real Reason Why Girls Say, 'Nothing to Wear!'

Here's the Real Reason Why Girls Say, 'Nothing to Wear!'

New Delhi, India: She is stuck, again. She gets up, makes her bed, takes a shower and as soon as she opens up her cupboard, the world comes to a pause. "I have nothing to wear", she sighs every morning!

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Whether she has to go to work, hangout with friends, go for a date night or on a Goa trip, she always says that she has nothing to wear. The problem of choosing the right outfit is always a challenge.

Do women actually have limited clothes? Do they feel that they do not have the right clothes for every occasion to project their best self? Usually, women's cupboard is full of clothes then why do they often say, "I have nothing to wear?"

When a girl opens her cupboard and wants to dress best for the day, her body hair growth kicks out many options narrowing her choices. In the morning, she is willing to wear a dress but she realizes her legs are not hair-free so all short dress options are out. Then she wants to opt for a sleeveless kurti but her underarms are not clean so even those options are chucked out.

Turning the cupboard upside down, she is left with are a few half-sleeve t-shirts or full sleeves shirts or kurtis, in the end. These are then repeated over and over again making her feel bored with the same options every day and she is not able to present her best self. That's when she says, "I have nothing to wear."

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