Hemingway's Daughter, A New Novel About the Famous Hemingway Family, Garners Universal Praise

Hemingway's Daughter, A New Novel About the Famous Hemingway Family, Garners Universal Praise

NORTH HAMPTON, NH, UNITED STATES: Christine M. Whitehead’s new novel seamlessly blends fact and fiction to tell the story of Finn Hemingway, the daughter of well-known American novelist Ernest Hemingway. While there might not be a “Finn Hemingway” in the historical records, this novel would lead readers to believe otherwise while opening eyes to the gender politics of the 1900s.

In Hemingway’s Daughter, Finn Hemingway wants three things: to become a trial lawyer, to find true love, and to impact writing, much like her father. Unfortunately, becoming a trial lawyer is nearly impossible in an era when Ruth Bader Ginsburg is being told to type and when a man who is 500th in his law school class is hired over a woman who is first in hers. Finding true love never works out for the Hemingways, either. And writing in a way that mattered to her father? That would take a miracle.

But that doesn’t stop Finn from trying…


Critics have applauded Whitehead’s ability to incorporate real events that occurred around Ernest Hemingway’s life while also involving the fictionalized Finn in a very natural way. Whitehead even takes it to the next level by building Finn’s supporting cast in the book based on real people, which makes the work even more convincing.

Hemingway’s Daughter also presented a lens into what Ernest Hemingway would be like as a father. Instead of simply knowing Ernest as a writer, the novel delivers a deeper connection than most accounts of Hemingway’s life—a familial connection.

Whitehead is from New England and currently practices divorce law in Hartford, Connecticut, although her true passion consists of writing novels. She writes from her farm in rural Connecticut, where she is surrounded by her dogs, horses, and one cat. Whitehead has discussed how caring for her horses has often encouraged her to think about how individuals cared for their horses in various eras, planting seeds of inspiration for her historical fiction. 


The book, represented by MindStir Media, has received praise from readers and editorial reviewers alike. Hemingway’s Daughter has received nothing but five-star ratings on Readers’ Favorite. Shrabastee Chakraborty for Readers' Favorite said, “While the central character never existed, you couldn't have guessed it from the book. This is a gem of a book, a heartwarming read to anyone who wished to read realistic fiction.”

Emily-Jane Hills Orford added, “The reader will instantly feel compassion for the protagonist as she struggles to achieve her dreams and live her life free of the Hemingway aura. A brilliantly poignant story.”