Food festival takes Delhiites on culinary tour of Kerala

Food festival takes Delhiites on culinary tour of Kerala
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New Delhi: From "Malabar Meen Roast" (Kerala fish fry) to "Chemmeen Manga Fry" (Kerala prawns fry), an ongoing Kerala food festival in the national capital is dishing out exotic coastal recipes to Delhiites.

The gastronomical extravaganza, served piping hot here at the Sana-di-ge, Malcha Marg,is a treat for its patrons who get to take a ride down the gourmet's lane -- exploring a range of Keralite textures and soulful flavours of the rich cuisine from the god's own country.

"After receiving a fabulous response for our Onam Sadhya we decided to continue the celebrations with our Kerala food festival which has also been doing really well. We strive to satisfy our guests by ensuring that our ingredients and spices are fresh and sourced from the coastal regions to maintain authenticity of the cuisine," Sukesh Kanchan, executive chef at Sana-di-ge, told PTI.

The festival is offering an assortment of delicious ethnic fare including dishes like "Nandu Rasam" (crab soup), Malabar Meen Roast ( Kerala fish fry), Chemmeen Manga Fry ( Kerala prawns fry), Nandu Green Sukka (Kerala crab sukka), Nandu Green Sukka (Kerala crab sukka), "Malabar Meen Curry" (Kerala fish curry), "Chemmeen Alle-Piyavu" (Kerala prawns curry), "Kakka Irachi Curry" (Kerala clams curry) along with Ghee rice, Kuthari choru, Kerara paratha and Appam.

Sinful desserts like Malabar special "Ada Pradhaman Payasam" served in artificial coconut shells promise to give a befitting end to the sumptuous meal.

The feast, priced at Rs 2,499 plus taxes per person, goes off the table on Sunday.