All Yours, Stranger

All Yours, Stranger
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Rating: 4.4/5

Author: Novoneel Chakraborty

Publisher: Penguin India

Publishing Date: July, 2015

Language: English

Genre: Thriller

ISBN-10: 9788184006858

ISBN-13: 978-8184006858

ASIN: 8184006853

Format: Paperback

Pages: 264 

Cost: Rs. 84.96 (Kindle Edition)


‘All Yours, Stranger’ is the 2nd part of the Stranger trilogy series, by Novoneel Chakraborty. The plot spins around Rivanah Bannerjee, who is from Kolkata, trying to get a grip on the typical Mumbai life. She has a wonderful boyfriend, yet is obsessed with thinking about her ex-boyfriend. Although he cheated on her, she is ready to overlook that fact. The Stranger is nowhere to be found ever since the police started to hunt for him, though it has been an unsuccessful attempt.

Where is he? What does he want from Rivanah? Why did he come into her life in the first place? Will he ever contact her again? These and many more questions continue to torment her every day. She is desperate for the stranger to come back to me, knowing full well that he may destroy her forever. With every revelation, it seems the truth is far more twisted than Rivanah can imagine.


The second book in the trilogy continues with the mystery around the Stranger. The stranger is a person with no face, no identity, no voice, no address but all that the stranger has is an intention. The intention is not revealed yet. The stranger is neither a friend nor a foe.

Book 1 keeps on reminding the protagonist to understand what her worth is. The Book 1 ends where it seemed as if the Book 2 will reveal the story behind Hiya Chowdhury but unfortunately, that is still a mystery for the reader.

Book 2 is more about the protagonist craving for the stranger to come back in her life as she is facing an emotional turbulence with her personal relationships. She knows that anyone who could help her is one and only stranger. 

There are many interesting elements about how the protagonist meets her ex-boyfriend through a new roommate and the way things starts happening with her life which she is unable to comprehend though she knows stranger is doing it for her.

Finally, with all the thirst of curiosity one may find to be reaching to a point where they will seek all answers, just then the last page ends and you get to see- “To be continued.”

About the Author:

Novoneel Chakraborty is the bestselling author of fourteen bestselling thriller novels and one short story collection titled Cheaters. His novel, ‘Forget Me Not, Stranger’ debuted as the No. 1 bestseller across India. His novel ‘Black Suits You’ was in top five thrillers category on ‘Amazon’ for fifteen weeks. While his Forever series was in the bestseller list for ten weeks straight after its release with ‘Forever Is a Lie’ featuring in the highest selling books on Flipkart for 2017. ‘Forever Is True’ made it to Amazon's Memorable Books of 2017 and Times of India's Most Stunning Books of 2017.

Known for his twists, dark plots and strong female protagonists, Novoneel Chakraborty is also called the Sidney Sheldon of India by his readers. His immensely popular thriller series, The Stranger Trilogy, has been translated into six Indian languages and has been adapted into a popular web series, titled Hello Mini, on MX Player produced by Applause Entertainment and Rose Movies. His erotic thriller novel, Black Suits You, has been adapted into the blockbuster hit Bekaaboo, while his exclusive digital novella, Red Suits You, is also being adapted into a web series by Alt Balaji. His short story collection, Cheaters, is now available in Hindi as well. Apart from novels, Novoneel has written and developed several TV and web shows for premiere channels and platforms.