Emily in Paris: Season 3 to feature fashion from 'thrift shops'

Emily in Paris: Season 3 to feature fashion from 'thrift shops'
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Washington, US: You'll have to wait and see what Season 3 of "Emily in Paris" has in store if you thought running in a Chanel crop top was "ringarde."

The colourful comedy's actors teased that the forthcoming episode, which premieres on Netflix on December 21 will have even "bolder" show attire.

Actor Lucien Laviscount who plays Alfie in the show revealed that Emily, played by Lily Collins, hasn't lost her propensity for polarizing ensembles, as per Page Six.

William Abadie stated that although the show has featured a variety of well-known labels, costume designer Marylin Fitoussi also sought to emphasise up-and-coming designers.

According to Page Six, the actor who plays Antione said, "We all spent quite a bit of time in those dressing rooms and (Fitoussi) made a point to include new designers this season."

He added, "(it's) a sign of the times to take the high-end designers, the new designers and also go to the thrift shop and bring in antiques and vintage pieces. It helps elevate [the show] and bring diversity in the fashion."

In an interview with Page Six, Samuel Arnold, who plays Emily's coworker Julien said, "She just understands every character and how to bring them to life through the wardrobe. These characters are all so different from one another and she understands all those little worlds."

Emily gets entangled in a love triangle in Season 3 with her new love interest, Alfie, and Gabriel, the boyfriend of her closest friend (Lucas Bravo) (Lucien Laviscount).

Emily is also caught in a different kind of professional triangle since she must choose between sticking with her mentor Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) and her boss Madeline (Kate Walsh) at a new agency.