Dua Lipa announces new album 'Radical Optimism', deets inside

Dua Lipa announces new album 'Radical Optimism', deets inside
Image Source: Instagram

Los Angeles, US: There's good news for Dua Lipa's fans as the singer has announced the details of her new album 'Radical Optimism'.

The album will be released on May 3 and it includes 11 songs, including the two preliminary singles, 'Houdini' and 'Training Season', Variety reported.

The cover art features Dua in the water, just feet away from a shark.

Take a look at the cover art.

The announcement describes the album as inspired by the energy of Dua's hometown, London, and the rawness, honesty, confidence and freedom of '90s Britpop.

In an announcement, she said, "A couple years ago, a friend introduced me to the term Radical Optimism. It's a concept that resonated with me, and I became more curious as I started to play with it and weave it into my life."

"It struck me - the idea of going through chaos gracefully and feeling like you can weather any storm. At the same time, I found myself looking through the music history of psychedelia, trip hop, and Britpop. It has always felt so confidently optimistic to me, and that honesty and attitude is a feeling I took into my recording sessions," she added.

This update has left her fans extremely excited.

"Dua girl this album is just gonna be incredible! I can already imagine how hard u worked on it and how insane this album is gonna be oooh man I'm excited," a fan expressed.

"I just can't wait for it," another one wrote.

The tracklist reads in full:

End Of An Era


Training Season

These Walls

Whatcha Doing

French Exit


Falling Forever

Anything For Love


Happy For You

Along with her music career, she has also launched a lifestyle newsletter, a book club, and an international music festival.