Cardi B addresses backlash over Met Gala designer's identity

Cardi B addresses backlash over Met Gala designer's identity
Image Source: Instagram

Washington, US: Rapper Cardi B found herself at the centre of controversy following her appearance at the Met Gala, where she faced backlash for referring to her designer simply as "Asian" instead of using his name.

Her comments during an interview obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, sparked criticism from social media users.

During the interview, Cardi B, adorned in a stunning black gown that commanded attention, was asked about the designer behind her extravagant ensemble.

While she expressed her excitement about the dress, she struggled to recall the designer's name, leading to speculation that she was disrespecting the designer, Sensen Lii.

In response to the backlash, Cardi B took to Instagram Story to address the situation, explaining the circumstances that led to her forgetting the designer's name.

She admitted feeling nervous and rushed on the red carpet, which contributed to her memory lapse.

Cardi B clarified that she referred to the designer as "Asian" because she knew his ethnicity but couldn't recall his nationality.

The 'WAP' artist defended herself, emphasising the hard work of her designer and stylist.

Despite the criticism, Cardi B remained unapologetic and dismissed speculation that her forgetfulness would affect her future invitations to the Met Gala, confidently declaring, "Baby, I'm Cardi B."