BJP's Manoj Tiwari accuses CM Kejriwal of "surrendering" water to tanker mafia amid crisis in Delhi

BJP's Manoj Tiwari accuses CM Kejriwal of "surrendering" water to tanker mafia amid crisis in Delhi
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New Delhi, India: BJP MP Manoj Tiwari hit out at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal regarding the ongoing water crisis in the national capital accusing him of water theft and "surrendering" it to tanker mafia.

Tiwari further alleged that without considering options including rainwater harvesting the Chief Minister wanted to divert the issue.

"Has Arvind Kejriwal worried about the falling groundwater in Delhi? No. Delhi's future generations will never forgive you. You have surrendered the water that is meant for the common people of Delhi to the tanker mafia. This falling groundwater of Delhi can be fixed, the best and most effective action for this is rainwater harvesting. Do you have anything to do with this? You just want to divert the issue," the BJP MP said while speaking to ANI on Wednesday.

" Today Yamuna is also dry, drain water is flowing in Yamuna, but what does that matter to you? Have you worried about how to stop the water flowing into Yamuna? This is not in your vision at all... I believe that the people of Delhi will wake up and the end of such false tyrants is near," he said.

Earlier on Wednesday, the BJP held a protest over the water crisis in the national capital.

Leaders including Delhi BJP chief Virendraa Sachdeva, party MPs Bansuri Swaraj and Praveen Khandelwal took part in the protest carried out at the Indira camp in Kalyan Vihar.

Speaking on the issue, the Delhi BJP chief said, "The Delhi government's administration is corrupt. The Haryana government yesterday also provided surplus water, I have seen documents of water release. The leaders of AAP are indulged in the black marketing of water."

Bansuri Swaraj highlighted that the people in the national capital are using dirty water due to the absence of consumable water. She further accused AAP of fooling people by making fake promises.

"The situation is terrible. People have to use dirty water. We have ordered as many water tankers as we could provide. AAP leaders have made fake promises and fooled people. They have not done anything for people in the last ten years," Swaraj said.

Amid a political uproar over the ongoing crisis, the ruling Aam Aadmi Party accused the BJP of "orchestrating" the shortage in the national capital.

The BJP has been blaming the AAP government for the water crisis saying that it did not take effective action against the tanker mafia who pilfer water.