Beautification projects facelift J-K's tourist hotspots Tangmarg and Gulmarg

Beautification projects facelift J-K's tourist hotspots Tangmarg and Gulmarg
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Jammu and Kashmir: Tangmarg and Gulmarg, two picturesque health resorts in north Kashmir's Baramullah District have undergone a remarkable transformation with the implementation of a beautification plan by the Urban Local Bodies (ULB) Kashmir.

Expenditure of Rs 1.64 crore on the beautification project aimed at repairing, redeveloping, restoring municipal assets, and enhancing the overall appeal of these towns.

The plan was approved by the ULB Kashmir while the works were completed by the Municipal Committee Tangmarg, Gulmarg.

The beautification plan was formulated on the directions of the Divisional Commissioner Kashmir following which the ULB Kashmir initiated a series of priority works, leading to a significant facelift of these areas.

A total of Rs 16.36 lakh was allocated to renovate and upgrade GPO3 at Tangmarg, while GPO2 received a similar treatment with an investment of Rs 12.33 lakh. renovation of the public park near the Bus Stand in Tangmarg has carried out at a cost of Rs 2.69 lakh, and Rs 18.24 lakh was utilised for the repair and upgrade of the compound wall and fencing around the Municipality Office and Town Hall in Tangmarg.

Moreover, GPO1 Park witnessed a renovation worth Rs 1.23 lakh, and Sher-e-Kashmir Park in Tangmarg received extensive attention with an allocation of Rs 29.70 lakh for its renovation, repair, and development, including the installation of fencing.

The Toll Plaza in Tangmarg was not left behind, as Rs 10.99 lakh was invested in its renovation and beautification.

Additionally, Rs 2.66 lakh was spent on the installation of boom barriers, road strips, and delineators near the toll plaza.

Furthermore, Rs 20 lakh was utilised for the repair and renovation of washrooms and CTPT facilities in both Tangmarg and Gulmarg.

The installation and procurement of a modern entry point in Tangmarg amounted to Rs 15.90 lakh.

The ULB Kashmir also allocated Rs 9.95 lakh for colour-coding various municipal assets and shops located around the parks, making them more visually appealing.

Notably, the installation of viewpoints and selfie points in Tangmarg received a significant investment of Rs 20 lakh.

The selfie point has quickly become a major attraction for both locals and tourists alike, drawing crowds eager to capture the stunning views and create lasting memories.

The beautification project also included enhancing the amenities available to the public. Rs 5 lakh were spent on the installation of iron benches and signage at an existing bus port, while benches were placed opposite Sher-e-Kashmir Park, adding to the greenery.

Additionally, Rs 8.5 lakh was allocated for the installation of signage at various locations including parks and municipal assets.

The director of ULB Kashmir Mathura Masoom said that the beautification plan was executed to showcase the potential of the area.

"We want to beautify other locations and also highlight the products which are famous in each area. We got an impetus due to G20 and we started a beautification plan from Tnagmarg and Gulmarg but these initiatives will continue in other areas as well," she said.

The beautification plan of ULB Kashmir has elevated the charm and allure of Tangmarg and Gulmarg, which were already renowned as popular tourist destinations.

"The upgrading of infrastructure and the addition of new attractions aim to cater to the public needs and attract an even larger influx of tourists to these scenic areas," the Executive Officer of Municipal Council Tangmarg and Gulmarg Naveed Aijaz Khan said.