Badshah puts end to decade-long feud with Honey Singh

Badshah puts end to decade-long feud with Honey Singh
Image Source: Instagram

Dehradun, Uttarakhand: Singer-rapper Badshah, publicly resolved his ongoing feud with fellow artist Honey Singh during a concert in Dehradun.

Badshah, stopped his performance midway during GraFest 2024 to express his wish to let go of the feud.

"There was a phase in my life where I held this grudge against one, and now I want to call it quits and leave that grudge behind - and that's Honey Singh," he said.

"I was unhappy because of some misunderstanding but then I realised when we were together, 'jodne waale bahut kam the, todneh waale bahut the'. Today, I just want to let everyone know I've left that phase behind and I wish him all the best," he added.

Badshah and Singh are regarded as leading rappers in India and boast a large fan base. The two first began their careers together as members of the rap group Mafia Mundeer, which also featured Ikka, Lil Golu, and Raftaar.

The band delivered many popular tracks including 'Khol Botal, 'Begani Naar Buri' 'Delhi Ke Deewane' among others.

After a public tiff, the duo parted ways and regularly took potshots at each other on social media.