ARQONZ Launched its e-commerce Platform, One Stop Solution for India's Real Estate Sector

ARQONZ Launched its e-commerce Platform, One Stop Solution for India's Real Estate Sector

Mumbai, Maharashtra: In a move that frees the real estate sector from the shackles of its conservative business practices, Arqonz today launched an e-commerce platform with an eco-system to manage the challenges faced in Architecture, Construction & Interior Design segment., an e-commerce platform offers A to Z solutions to the routine issues relating to real estate sector that include sourcing any type of construction materials and services through large network of reputable suppliers.

Arqonz Founder & CEO of company spokesperson, Shilpa D K said, "The e-commerce platform is a one-stop solution for sourcing any construction material including paint, cement, steel, furniture and tiles among other things."

The platform, Shilpa added, also gives access to an array of services including the services of certified architects, builders, contractors and interior designers, saving precious time and passing on evident economic benefits.

Proptech platforms drastically cut down the time involved in procurement process, vendor management chain and bring in cost & price efficiencies. The platform aided with a large network of different stakeholders of the industry will fetch the best deals in the market.

Arqonz already has half-a-lakh registrations and its founders have set a modest target of adding 10,000 registrations every year. 

The e-commerce platform is meant to disrupt and redefine the real estate business which currently contributes about 7 percent of the country's GDP. There was a huge market cry for innovating the real estate sector both in terms of procuring products and availing services without any hassle.

Arqonz identified this opportunity through in-depth market study and the platform’s goal is to tap both business to business and business consumer segments. This digital infrastructure that will be capitalised by the real estate sector will improve governance, since real time data is hardly ever available.

"For instance, progress of projects can be monitored, through digital dash boards, with data driving key decisions, This will bring in much needed transparency and accountability & improve cost efficiencies also for individuals, small and medium-sized construction companies," said Shilpa D K.

“We find this platform to be faster, economical and transparent. The online procurement will boost productivity and improve businesses bottom line for architecture and interior design market," said Manoj Dave, a well-known Architect.

India's real estate sector to reach a market size of US$ 1 trillion by 2030 when it is likely to contribute about 13 percent to the country's GDP. Rapid urbanisation, smart cities combined with increased foreign investment will boost the overall growth of the industry.