Manipal Academy of Higher Education, XLRI School of Management, SSVM Institutions, Sunbeam Group of Schools, Vidyashilp Academy and Vidyasagar Preschool onboards D2L Brightspace LMS

Manipal Academy of Higher Education, XLRI School of Management, SSVM Institutions, Sunbeam Group of Schools, Vidyashilp Academy and Vidyasagar Preschool onboards D2L Brightspace LMS

A global leader in edtech software and technology, D2L, hand-in-hand with its strategic partner, Edutech India Private Limited—a leading player in the educational technology space since 1991, is helping Indian educational institutions embrace technology. D2L’s Brightspace LMS offers holistic digital learning solutions to students while enabling teachers with the necessary tools. 

While the importance of online education has become evident amidst the pandemic, it is crucial for the industry to understand that technology disruptions in education are happening all over the world and embracing the trend is the only way to future-proof education in India. Many academic institutions across the country realised the importance of an integrated digital learning management system and have already rolled out D2L’s Brightspace platform.

Studies have shown that blended learning, be it in-person coupled with an LMS or virtual classes paired with LMS-based education, has a number of benefits. Learners have a high degree of control over when and where they engage with course materials and activities as well as synchronous facetime with teachers. Plus, it allows a highly structured, efficient and secure management of assignments and grading, benefitting both students as well as instructors. With the reformative disruptions and changing landscape of education in India, D2L’s entry in the market could not be more timely. Their Brightspace LMS is just the right platform to help the Indian education scene get ready for the next generation of tech-savvy learners,” shared Santhosh R, Business Head for the Learning Solutions Business Unit at Edutech India. 

D2L’s initiatives are in line with the National Education Policy 2020

The National Education Policy of India, that was revised and proposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in July this year, recognises the importance of leveraging the advantages of technology while acknowledging its potential risks and dangers. This is where advanced, state-of-the-art learning management systems like D2L’s Brightspace LMS can step in. 

While schools and colleges were forced to resort to video conferencing classes and content distribution via social networking apps amidst the coronavirus pandemic, in the long run, educational institutions need more robust, cyber-safe blended learning tools that facilitate flexible teaching and learning in classrooms and drive learning outcomes. Even in the physical classroom, an LMS can offer an advantage as it provides supplemental materials for classroom-based learning and extra resources to teachers and students alike in a digitally secure environment.

“In line with the announcement of the National Education Policy this year, planning for a robust elearning platform not only helps ensure delivery of student-centric education online for the future but it also enables institutions to easily scale beyond their state borders, reaching out to even more students without having to burden the faculty. Furthermore, the Brightspace LMS complies 100% with the norms and parameters prescribed by the UGC for Higher Education Institutions making it one of the most reliable and trusted LMS in the Indian Subcontinent and SAARC countries,” shared Business Director for South Asia at D2L, Dr Prem Das Maheshwari.

Using AI and Big Data to future-proof education in India

D2L’s Brightspace LMS leverages artificial intelligence (AI), to help create learning paths to deliver smart content using audio, video and written content. With the Brightspace platform, lessons can be produced, quickly modified and curated to meet the learners' needs to ensure knowledge gain. Through online assistants or virtual facilitators, classes are more interactive and gamified to engage the attention of the student. These assistants can also detect when a student is falling behind or has completed tasks with ease, allowing it to adapt the upcoming content served to make it easier or more challenging according to the child's needs. This enables a custom learning experience to every student which would be an otherwise resource taxing task to any teacher for a class.

Furthermore, as a child works their way through the materials for their coursework, the Brightspace LMS uses big data analysis to monitor all aspects of the process— from the duration of time for course completion to difficulties faced, all in real-time. All of this information helps create performance trackers that keep the school, teacher, parents and students in the loop. It follows their progress and highlights any areas that could need more attention or alert if the material levels are not challenging enough, and the pupil requires more exciting or engaging content, thus enabling a personalised learning experience in which teachers can easily keep tabs on.

Through its partner, Edutech, D2L has developed a strong presence in six cities across India and, one of the most innovative global LMS platforms, Brightspace, is now locally available to Indian institutions.